April 21, 2024


The Cursed Crypt is a mission from Aeterna Noctis in which we must find some notes that are scattered around the “Heroes’ Rest” area, which is the second area of ​​the game, which we access after defeating the Devourer.

It is not a complicated mission, although it is true that there are a total of 9 notes and of course, we can miss some… that without taking into account that the last of all you will not be able to get them until you have advanced a little more in the game , now I explain this topic better.

Of course, it is very worth doing it because with it we will unlock a new area: The Mausoleum.


Let’s see the location of each of the Notes. Let’s start with the ones we find in the “Perimeter” zones, that is, without entering any door:


  • The first note will be found to the right of the first Hero’s Rest throne on our entire face, it does not need further description. Picking it up will unlock the mission.
  • In the Piano room , but outside, next to the door.

And now we go to those that are inside one of the doors of the area:


  • In the East Underground Gallery, specifically between East and West (that big road between these two areas is over there). This area is accessed from Gate I (Crypt of the Avengers); You can also access from Gate VI (Crypt of Nosferatu) but it catches you closer from I. It is not hidden, in fact you will find it yes or yes in your adventure.

For the following note, I leave you a screenshot, which is somewhat more convoluted to explain:

Avengers Crypt Note in Aeterna Noctis


In the Crypt of the False Knight ( Door II ), as you enter to the left, nothing hidden is either.


  • In the Cripta del Penitente ( Door IV ), to the left as you enter, you can’t miss it.

The next note is the one we need to get to be able to fight Garibaldi since that is where we will know his name (The King of the Cemetery). In Garibaldi’s post I already explained where he was, but here is the photo I used in that post:

Location of the Name of the Master of the Graveyard in Aeterna Noctis

As you can see, it is again in the Crypt of the Penitent, just where it is marked.


  • The Crypt of Nosferatu is Door VI and we will find the note if we enter the door just as we go to the left and go along the path that is up on the roof. Once there, continue a little to the left and we will find it. Easy too.

We have another Note in this area, which is the last of all and to obtain it we must continue along the path we were on with the next one in this area, continue to the left, let’s go. From there you have to move forward but there will come a time when if you don’t have the Crystal Arrow (the one you teleport) it will be impossible to get there; You unlock it by defeating the Cradle of Light Robot (and if you also have the double jump, better, you get this one by defeating the Phoenix ).

You will end up finding a skeleton with a hat and a whip that refers to the obvious and right there you will get the last of all the notes. It is the skeleton of the photo that is at the beginning of this post.


After obtaining all the notes we will have to go to the Piano room and play the new melody (Adventurer Score) that we will have available, when doing so instead of the typical thing that happens when we play a song, a curious key will appear on the right in the piano room itself.

This key is used to open a Mausoleum that we can find in that area (it is called Eternal Plain: Emperor’s Walk) that we access through a gate (it is to the right of Rest of the Hero) that takes us to a place that is a kind of very handsome garden full of large statues of knights. Enter through the gate and go to the far left, that is the Mausoleum that you can open and that will unlock a new and interesting area where we will obtain the mission “For the Glory of the Emperor”.

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