April 15, 2024


The Beholder is a secret boss of Aeterna Noctis with some very particular mechanics that is related to the Collector’s missions and therefore will be unlocked by advancing his mission, which I will give you more details about below.

It’s a complicated boss, like all of Aeterna’s in fact (at least in Noctis mode), but this is true that it’s quite annoying if you don’t know the ideal method to defeat him since he will play with some copies of himself to trick you; In any case, what has been said, below I will tell you how to avoid said deception.

In addition, he is the typical boss who gets more complicated as things go on and in his most cheetah part the truth is that the matter has material, so you better get to that part with high health because it will be almost impossible not to receive damage. Ale, let’s go with the guide!


To unlock the fight against The Contemplator, we will have to advance in the mission “The Art of the Collector”, which is the one provided by the Collector himself; that in case you do not remember we can find it in Descanso del Héroe, specifically in door V.

You will have to complete at least 50% of the Collection (that of having to defeat the enemies in the game), at which point we will have to talk to the Collector and he will give us the mission that will take us to the Contemplator.

You will find the boss in the Dream Realm , which is where it marks in the photo above. I have marked the exact location of the boss, but this area goes as it pleases (it’s like a labyrinth, you go out one side and appear in an account area, a zone roll), so I’ll explain:

  • Go to the throne area.
  • You go along the path to the right (it’s up).
  • In this new area you enter through the portal on the right.
  • Ready, there you have the boss.


It is a particular boss since it is one of those in which the damage you do does not matter exactly, since it is enough to hit him 3 times to defeat him. The thing is that it won’t be easy to hit it, I’ll explain.

The boss will always make 2 equal attacks (first one, then the other; I’ll explain it better below) and after this is when he will be “exposed”. The thing is that he is a bit of a jerk and will create 3 copies of himself, leaving a boss in each of the corners of the screen and only one will be the real one; he’ll go away quickly so we’ll have to find out the real one and hit him real quick, I’ll tell you.

As soon as the last attack is over you have to quickly shoot your teleportation arrows (remember that in this area these arrows reveal the truth) in the corners of the screen; As you will only have 3, you will always have one without an arrow, so 2 things can happen:

  • The boss appears only once: That means it’s yes or yes that one.
  • The boss appears 2 times: That means that the real one is the one in the area where you have put a teleportation arrow, since this shows us the truth and if it is there, it is the real one and the other a copy.

The key is that you shoot the 3 arrows scattered around the corners and as soon as you load one more arrow, jump and load a light arrow to activate slow motion so you can quickly shoot the Beholder before it leaves and attacks again. new. It’s very annoying if you don’t arrive on time.


These are the Beholder’s attacks:

  • Laser Walls : Spikes will appear on the ground, so you will have to stick to the wall and the Contemplator will launch a kind of laser wall towards us that we will have to dodge. The only thing that damages these walls is the top and bottom of it, if you sneak through the middle you will not receive damage, that will be great.
  • Everywhere Balls : The Beholder will split into many balls that will move around the screen. You will have to dodge them, there is no more; There will be times when the balls line up in such a way that they are impossible to dodge so have your Dark Shield handy when this happens.

After these attacks is when he is “exposed” and you will have to hit him, which I have already explained better above. Every time you hit him his attacks will be more complicated (more walls and faster, faster balls and more time dodging…). On the third blow you will have finished him, be careful because when he has one blow left, things get quite complicated.


In the same way that happened with Your Fear  (boss of the Abyss), this time a build focused on being able to heal us better, collect more blood … etc, will spread more, since in the end the damage we do is indifferent, it will be enough to give it a blow; what less than at least heal better.

The ideal branch is the central one, so go for it, especially collect the things that give us more blood. In addition to this, there is a Gem that will be very key if you have it, which is the «Leech» (it fills the blood meter little by little passively, ideal for healing us).


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