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The Sword of the Tower of Light is a boss of Aeterna Noctis and is the boss that we must defeat after facing the Devourer. If you have already unlocked Garibaldi’s boss (that warrior who asks you to remember his name) I recommend that you leave it for after this (unless you want all the achievements, which then you have to defeat Garibaldi first, although it will be enough more difficult).

I must say that I loved the boss, I don’t know what more bosses await us along the way in Aeterna Noctis, but this one has been brutal and I think it has set the bar very high. It’s a very epic and challenging matchup (and the boss design is cool too), which is what I like in the end.

And leaving aside the fact that I liked it more or less, beware because it is a quite complicated boss, although I also tell you… it is not as complicated as it seems a priori. You will see how with the advice that I will leave you here it will be much more bearable. Let’s go there!


Tower of Light Sword Location

The very name of the boss already tells us where he is: In the Tower of Light . It has no loss, after defeating the Devourer you continue to the East and you will reach an area called «Descanso de los Héroes», because from there you continue to the East (it is a good stretch) and you will find the Tower of Light.

Of course, first of all you will have to search well for Rest of the Heroes because you will need the ability to hook to the walls (Dark Claw) if you want to reach the boss. You will find the boss at the top of the Tower of Light… be careful with that because the tower is exaggeratedly high, really, it is very, very high.


First of all, I will explain to you exactly how this boss works because it is different from the usual. From the outset, comment that between the time you reach the top of the Tower of Light, it will bother you along the way (when you are at the highest part), the battle itself will be when you reach the top.

The case, that the boss is somewhat peculiar. He will constantly alternate an attack phase with a phase in which you have to try to damage him; By this I mean that some platforms will appear that you will have to use to be able to hit one of the red gems that he has embedded . That is his weak point and a single blow to the gem will suffice to damage him, with each gem you take away it will be more difficult to reach the next one and so on until you break all of them.

The bad thing is that getting there will not always be easy because between the time we go up the platforms, exaggeratedly well-placed explosions will appear, they are made so that it is very easy for you to eat them. You will have to be careful not to take damage in these, but at the same time you will have to go quickly because you have little time to reach the gem.

In the end, the key to this boss is to master his attacks well and also have a good route in order to break the gem, that’s what we’re going to do now.


These are the attacks of the Sword of the Tower of Light, they are all quite bloody, but you will see how with these tips you can better cope with it.

  • beams of light: The Sword will create a gale that will push us to the left and beams of light will constantly fall across the screen. Dodging the beams is complicated precisely because of the annoying wind, but the key is that you use it more or less to your advantage. Go to a point and lightly touch the stick to the opposite side of the wind to keep yourself more or less static (you have to catch the point) and when lightning is going to fall on you you can move forward (against the wind, I is that I always moved to the right, it was better for me) if you see that you can achieve it (against the wind you move slower, of course) or if you want to move to the other side you simply stop moving for a few milliseconds and the wind itself will displace. I know it sounds complicated, but you’ll see how you end up mastering it and in the end it’s not that big of a deal.
  • Vertical lunge : Some dots will appear on the ground, a larger central one and smaller ones on its sides; these spots are the area you need to escape from so you don’t get hit by the sword. Forget about the sword and look only at these points, if when these appear the central point is on your left, you do a dash to the right; if you have the points to the right, dash to the left. Be careful because it does several streaks in a row, but if you follow this strategy you will see that it is “quite easy” to dodge.
  • Cut of Light : At first it seems the most complicated, but when you get the hang of it, it’s “simple” too. You’ll quickly see which attack is because portals will appear in the corners of the screen. You must do the following; You stand in the center of the screen, you wait until you see which side the sword will attack us from, as soon as you see it, you dash in the opposite direction and go quickly towards the portal on that side (it doesn’t seem like it, but you get there). By doing so you will appear in one of the portals in the upper corners, you return to the center (from the air) with a dash (if you do not do this you will fall on the sword and take damage). Back in the center as you repeat the process, it will do it several times in a row.


We continue with a few tips that I think you should keep in mind:

  • No matter how much damage you deal , just hit the gems on the platforms stage. That is why it is much more worthwhile to use a non-damage oriented build (the upper central branch), it is better that you focus on healing, improving the dash… etc.
  • For the platform phases, I simply advise you to try to find the optimal route; believe me, there will almost always be a more optimal way to do things and that is something that you will see as you give more tries to the Sword of the Tower of Light. Some clues would be that, for example, it will not always be necessary to stand on a platform, perhaps bouncing off its wall will help you get to the next one; or that in some cases you can get to the gem more quickly by rushing from another platform (other than the one above) and performing a dash and hitting upwards…. that kind of things.
  • Every time you hit the boss, he will drop some Red Gems (which you can accumulate to heal yourself). Always pick them up and if he reaches you, heal up (right at that moment, because while he attacks you have it complicated; between taking out the platforms he also gives you time without problems), which will come in handy.


This is the reward we will get for defeating him:

  • We will get the first Fragment and the power of light arrows (a very useful ranged attack).

And in terms of achievements we have the following:

  • Vertiginous : We will obtain it by defeating the Sword of the Tower of Light.
  • Blunt Blade : You must defeat the boss without taking damage.
  • Ace of Spades : You will have to defeat him without failing in any of the platform phases.

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