April 14, 2024


Garibaldi is that warrior from Aeterna Noctis that we meet in “Heroes’ Rest” (the Master of the Graveyard) who gets a little annoyed with us for not remembering his name; that if you didn’t know, well now you know, but anyway the one who has to remember the name is Noctis.

It is a boss with a fairly high difficulty (as the game has already accustomed us to, at least in Noctis difficulty mode) and with a layer of even greater difficulty if we want to obtain one of his achievements, which consists of defeating him before the Tower of Light Sword . I just don’t pay much attention to achievements, I prefer to play my own game, but if you’re a “trophy hunter” keep this in mind.

The case, that I bring you as always your complete guide, let’s go there!


Garibaldi is very easy to find, it is found in “Descanso de los Héroes”, in one of the many buildings that we will find in that area, specifically in “Asamblea de los Héroes – Gran Salón”. It is located in the area that is burned (Central Square – Ordamental Gardens).

Location of the Name of the Master of the Graveyard in Aeterna Noctis

The real problem lies in discovering his name, for this you will have to find a note that is in the Penitent’s Crypt ( Blasphemous reference?), which is door IV. I have put its exact location in the photo (the color blue).


This time we do have 2 very different phases, so we are going to divide the guide into these 2 phases. I will focus the guide on the use of the Arrow of Light , if you want to do the achievement without it, it’s the same but ignoring the parts where I tell you to use the Arrow of Light.


In this first phase the encounter is already quite complicated, but you are going to have to learn it practically perfectly because as you reach the second phase with little life it will be very difficult for you to achieve it. Let’s take a look at his attacks:

  • Impaling Leap : Garibaldi will teleport a few meters above you and plummet down, swinging his weapon downward. You must dodge the hit with a jump so that you avoid the falling attack and then you can hit him a couple of times in the air between you fall to the ground (it must be a big jump and you must hit him when you are at the top so that he hits you). time to give him 2 hits and by the way avoid the trail of spikes that will travel the ground after the impact). When you reach the ground you jump and quickly give a blow upwards. If you do it right it will be 3 hits that it will eat, it is the most “Worth It” attack in that sense.
  • Impaling Spikes : A lot of spikes (they are like spears) will appear at the top or bottom of the screen and we will have to put ourselves in the hole they have to avoid damage. There will be 2 streaks in a row of this attack (for now), between the first and second you can hit it with the Arrow of Light to do a little extra damage (you wait for the spears to be withdrawn, jump and throw it in the air, is what worked best for me). If by sheer luck, there is a hole right where Garibaldi is located, take the opportunity to give him a good beating with your sword (don’t jump, keep hitting upwards as long as you can).
  • Teleport Slash : Garibaldi will teleport to your back and perform a powerful slash (with quite a range). You quickly dash away from him and hit him with the Light Arrow in the process. Be careful because you have to hit him with the arrow just when the blow ends, if you do it while he is doing it, he repels him. Also, keep in mind that when he does this attack he usually repeats it quite often, so be on the lookout.


When his health is red and you land a few hits on him, he’ll go into phase 2, at which point he’ll gain a blue aura and become more powerful. The boss will become a little faster (or so it seems to me) and will improve some of his attacks:

  • Impaling Spikes + : The same but there will be 3 successions of attacks. If you play it well you can hit him with 2 Arrows of Light, but remember that the priority is not to receive damage, do not play it if you do not see it very safe.
  • Slash Teleport + : Without a doubt the worst attack of his entire kit, similar to Slash Teleport but very often it will trick you by appearing on one side and suddenly reappearing on another (displaces a lot), it can even concatenate this with Impaling Jump. You want to watch for the blue flash it creates, that’s where it will actually appear and be prepared that when it appears where the flash you can quickly move away (if the flash is up, it will do the Impaling Leap, so you know). On text it sounds simple, but when you’re in battle it gets very confusing. If he hits you at least take the opportunity to hit him back.

This phase is not long, but given its increased difficulty and the fact that it is easier to make mistakes, it takes a bit of time.


We continue with a few tips that I think you should keep in mind:

  • If you go past trophies/achievements, don’t go into this battle without first defeating the Sword of the Tower of Light.
  • Regarding the recommended build, you should focus on melee damage. Go through the branch on the right and if you can, go up to « Critical Cut » improvement (when causing a critical hit, we will deal an additional hit, this greatly increases the DPS). This, along with Critical Chance (whichever you have, the more the better) and weapon damage wreaks havoc. Critical Damage will not hurt either, but for now focus more on Chance, Critical Damage spreads when you have a very high chance.


This is the reward we will get for defeating him:

  • Church Key : We can use it in building III in the area, there we will find a Vessel of Blood (the ball that allows us to heal ourselves with the blood that we collect from the enemies).

And in terms of achievements we have the following:

  • Rest in Peace : We will obtain it by defeating Garibaldi.
  • Say My Name : Defeat him without taking a hit. Breaking Bad reference?
  • My Sword is Enough : Defeat him before getting the Arrows of Light.

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