April 15, 2024


Wormorok is a boss of Aeterna Noctis  that, as is already the norm in the game, is quite complicated; I know that this is quite relative because for some a thing can be very complicated and for others a joke… but come on, in general terms I think it is clear that the game is quite complicated.

At first I thought that this would be the typical boss that would kill me like 50 times, but luckily I quickly discovered a strategy to defeat him in a very simple and mechanical way (what a skill we are going for) that of course I will explain in this post. So nothing, let’s go to the mess.


Location of Wormorok in Aeterna Noctis

You will find Wormorok in the Caves of Ascension . Specifically in the area located to the southwest of said area, the closest checkpoint (throne) is the one next to the Goblin King . In the photo above you can see the exact location (where the crown is). If you look at the top, you can see the location of the throne and the Goblin King.


At first I will explain the boss a little, how the encounter works, his attacks and at the end is when I will tell you the strategy to defeat him in a simple way.


Wormorok has 2 phases that are constantly interspersed, phases that I have named as the Defensive and the Offensive.

  • Defensive Phase : It will start like this and it is called this way because we will not be able to cause any type of damage to the boss. We will have to dodge him until the next phase begins.
  • Offensive Phase : It will emerge from the ground and this is when we will have to attack it. Specifically, we will have to throw an arrow of light at one of the red eyes.


These are Wormorok’s attacks:

  • Dig : This is what he will do throughout the defensive phase. It will move along the ground (to the top) and suddenly emerge briefly to take a bite. It seems like a very difficult attack to dodge, but in the strategy below I will tell you how to do it and other tricks.
  • Summon Sync Pairs : After the offensive phase, Wormorok will summon a few of those little mole worms we’ve come across along the way. They are a bit annoying but come on, they are even good for us because they will give us many orbs of blood to heal us. If they bother you a lot that you know that you can kill them when they are an “egg”, those yellow balls that the boss throws, you have to hit them before they reach the ground.


You are going to choose one of the walls of the meeting room, the one you want, and it will be your best friend. Why? You see, being close to the wall is the “safe zone” because if you stay there and jump when he approaches (jump without leaving the wall, 90 degrees we go) you will prevent him from emerging from the ground to hit you. As long as you stand there and jump when he gets close, you’ll be 100% safe; This is the key to the strategy, but I’ll keep telling you.

So, let’s go to a wall, Wormorok go to his roll spinning and you go jumping glued to the wall. When he makes a turn or two (as many as you want let’s go), you get closer to the center (between he’s going the other way) and when he’s going the other way you jump towards him, hit him with the sword downwards to bounce off him ( you have to hit him in what would be the closest corner to you of the boss sprite because if you do this hitting him in the center you will eat the attack) and dash in the opposite direction; if you do it right he will never hit you.

As soon as it fully emerges from the ground, you shoot the light arrow at its red eye (it doesn’t matter which eye it is) and wait for the “worms” to start appearing. The idea is that you kill them quickly (before Wormorok starts spinning again), if you have any left, nothing happens, it will bother a bit but hey, with this strategy it doesn’t affect it so much. The fact is that the worms will drop a lot of red orbs on us (if you use the scythe they will be more) to be able to heal us and here is the last trick (before that, a fairly safe way to defeat the guanos is to hit them from the air and bouncing off them with the sword). If you follow the trick of sticking to the wall and jumping, know that if just when you jump to avoid the damage of the boss, you heal, you can heal 100% safebetween when he leaves and comes back (even a little time), so the idea is that after killing the worms, amortize all those orbs that we have collected in cures; As long as we use the wall trick you can heal yourself as many times as you want without problems (once for each round trip of the boss of course).

From here it is simply to repeat the process, the only thing you should keep in mind is that you should know that Wormorok will be faster and faster to bury itself again (when it is exposed I mean).


This is the reward we will get for defeating him:

  • Dark Shield : A new ability with which we can put on a shield for a very short time (like a second or something like that, it doesn’t even come to that) that will immunize us from all damage (from enemies and such, things like spikes and other scenario they will hurt us just the same). The drawback is that it has a fairly high waiting time (cd).
  • Wormorok Tongue : An item that belongs to the quest “The Goblin Gold”, you will have to take it to the Goblin King, who is also in the Caves of Ascension.

And in terms of achievements we have the following:

  • Only in the Dark : We will obtain it by defeating him.
  • There’s Omelette for Dinner : You will have to destroy at least 15 worm eggs before they fall to the ground in battle and defeat Wormorok. It has been missing that the achievement is called “There is Potato Tortilla for dinner”, that would have been incredible.
  • It Was a Simple Worm : Defeat Wormorok without taking damage. With the strategy that I have mentioned, it is not so complicated.

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