April 21, 2024


We continue with the bosses of Aeterna Noctis with the Phoenix and I must say that this boss is gorgeous: Good design, good combat, good music and a good challenge; he has it all.

It is at the moment the one that seems to me the most complicated of all and that it has been noticed that having the crystal arrows makes the battle quite easy (which we obtain by defeating the Robot of the Cradle of Light ). But like I always say, once you get the hang of his attacks and mechanics, things just start to get better.

I bring you as always your complete guide, let’s go there!


Location of the Phoenix in Aeterna Noctis

The Phoenix is ​​not difficult to find as such, unlocking it does cost a little more. Basically we will find it in the Forge area (accessible from the door marked with an arrow), behind a large door with locks (where the crown appears on the map) in that huge central room where we have the throne and the guy who sells us the maps.

The problem is that said door will be blocked by three locks that we will find in the two rooms that we have on the left from the central room and the rest by a path on the right (marked with circles on the map). From these paths we will have to take a few detours to meet the blacksmith, defeat some enemies and that is when we will release the locks. There is no loss, really. When you unlock everything, you go to the big door (to the right in the central room itself) and that’s it.

When you enter the door of the central room you go to the right and you have to jump into the void a few times until you reach the back of the room.


Let’s start by explaining the phases of combat and how this battle works. The Phoenix as such does not have much life, the problem is that it is difficult for him to hit him and therefore the battle lengthens his own.


The Phoenix has 2 phases that will be interspersed.

  • Offensive Phase : It will start in this phase and basically it will attack us with different attacks that we will see below. You will have to damage him little by little, when you take away 33% of his life, he will change phase.
  • Platforms Phase : In this phase we will have to go from platform to platform going up while the Phoenix annoys us by carrying out fire charges. The crystal arrows (those used to teleport) are worth gold here both to dodge him better and to move up. When we reach the upper platform, the phase will end and the Offensive Phase will begin again.

We have a total of 3 offensive phases and 2 platforms. Come on, the order is as follows: Offensive Phase (66% health) > Platforms Phase > Offensive Phase (33% health) > Platforms Phase > Offensive Phase (until you kill him).

In each offensive phase the platform will be smaller and therefore the combat will cost more.


These are the attacks of the Phoenix:

  • Fiery Charge : The Phoenix will perform a charge flying at ground level. You have to jump on it, hit it down to bounce and then dash to the opposite side the Phoenix is ​​moving in order to dodge both its charge and the “fire path” it will leave behind (if you don’t do it right). jump and the dash will eat the fire, you have to catch the point). It is one of the best attacks because dodging it is not complicated and will allow us to damage it. He will carry out the charge 3 times and always charge from the side where he has “exited the screen” (the first charge you will see where it is because they come out as sparkles on the screen).
  • Bombardment : It will fly from one side of the screen to the other at the top while it drops some flames towards the ground that you will have to dodge, it will make 3 gusts. Doing so will drop some feathers that you must hit to obtain blood orbs that you can use between attacks (after the succession of each attack, when the attack is complete) to heal yourself.
  • Bombardment + Embers : It will start with a barrage attack but instead of continuing it will stop in place and start throwing fireballs at us in a fan, it will be a few gusts. You will have to find the gap between the projectiles to dodge it.
  • Flaming Flare : The Phoenix will hover in the center of the screen while flapping, causing a large current of air to both sides of the screen that will push you out (whichever side you are on) while on its This time it will create small waves of fire that will move with the wind on the ground. You will have to jump and dash towards the Phoenix to dodge the waves and try to hit him when you can (it’s hard enough, many times despite hitting him, you won’t hit him, it’s hard to hit the hitbox). I was hitting him by getting close as I dodge the flames, jump + dash + slam up, and quickly get out of the way or you’ll be eaten by a wave of flames. Using the light arrows is an option here.


This is the reward we will get for defeating him:

  • Power of the Phoenix : It allows us to jump once in the air… finally!

And in terms of achievements we have the following:

  • I put out the Fires : We will obtain it by defeating him.
  • Quiet Stop! : Defeat him without the teleport arrow.
  • Fireproof : Defeat the Phoenix without it dealing damage to you.

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