April 21, 2024


Demon Slayer is a 4-star arc of Genshin Impact that we have decided to analyze today in this post and I can already tell you that this is a very good arc.

It is the typical bow mainly intended for Main DPS and the truth is that in that sense it is one of the best 4-star bow options we have, so we highly recommend that you get it, especially if one of your Main DPS is an archer and you have no other options.

In any case, let’s see the complete analysis as always and remember that at the end of the post we will also talk about those characters that can take better advantage of this arc so that you know how to amortize it to the fullest. Let’s go there!


Let’s start by looking at its attributes:

  • Base Attack Level 1: 41.
  • Base Attack Level 90: 454.

We started badly since we have a very low Base Attack, in fact the lowest possible value in this aspect in a bow as it happens with other bows such as the King’s Vassal , the Bow of Favonius or the Composite Bow. Luckily from now on what is coming is very good and will compensate for this aspect.

  • Attack % Level 1: 12%.
  • Attack % Level 90: 55%.

His secondary attribute is Attack % and you will say yourself… 55% Attack at level 90, a real madness. But wait, the thing is not just this.

Passive Skill:

  • +16% Damage with Normal Attacks and +12% with Charged Attacks. But this bonus is doubled when you have full elemental energy . At R5 it would be +32% on Normal Attacks and +24% on Charged.

Very high damage bonuses, especially in R5 and even more if we have maximum energy. Main DPS characters that recharge energy very well to be easily maxed out and can throw the Ulti after hitting a few cakes and throw it right before switching will benefit a lot. With the energy recharged in R5 we would obtain +64% Damage from Normal Attacks and +48% in Charged Attacks ; very beast.


As we have mentioned, those characters who are Main DPS and who also recharge their energy very well will take advantage of it to ensure that brutal bonus by having the Ulti charged (and who are not dependent on the Ulti to deal damage with Normal and Charged). What is certain is that for archer characters who go to Normal Attacks we have an even better option: Rust. So we will recommend more characters to go Charged.

Tighnari takes advantage of it to some incredible levels as that tremendous bonus to Charged Attacks will put him to good use and also recharges the Ulti very easily, so you won’t have to work hard to get the doubled damage bonus from the passive. The idea is that you roll the Elemental Ability when you have a full Ulti to roll your charges and when you’re done you roll the Ulti and rotate with your other teammates.

Ganyu in Genshin Impact

To no one’s surprise, Ganyu  will also take advantage of it very well since it will help him a lot to increase the damage of his Charged Attacks and he is not a character that usually has problems recharging (you will have to put some Energy Recharge on him anyway, especially if you carry it with Demon Slayer to ensure you have the Ulti always ready when you use it). It’s true that it’s a shame not to be able to cast his Ulti as soon as he enters the field since this in addition to the passive damage it provides also increases Cryo’s damage, but it will be worth it because the bow bonus is much higher; you will have to throw it away right before you switch to another character.

Below we show you other characters that take advantage of it, but they are characters that deal more damage from Normal Attacks and therefore in this case it would be better to equip them with Rust ; is still a Demonslayer option.

  • Tartaglia : That said, it will greatly increase the damage of his Normal Attacks, which is ultimately his main source of damage. Also, it’s a bit of a bummer not being able to cast your Ulti right on the way in. Rust gives it more damage and doesn’t have that drawback.
  • Yoimiya : It would be great if it weren’t for the fact that it is normally equipped with Reminiscence of Purification and therefore it won’t take advantage of the doubled damage bonus since as soon as you throw the Elemental to activate the fire shots and others you will lose energy and therefore goodbye to the doubled passive bonus. If you don’t take it with this set, it will be great, but as I said, since it goes to Normal Attacks, it’s better to throw Rust and that’s it.

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