April 15, 2024


Slyma is another of the Thanagers that we can meet on our way through the Department of Industrial Pollution in Have a Nice Death ; Compared to the other Thanagers, he would say that he is the most difficult to defeat without taking damage due to the red orbs he leaves on the battlefield, as they can sometimes hinder us when dodging his attacks.

This Thanager does not have a very deep history, let’s say, it was simply a barrel of toxic waste that has undergone several transformations due to the toxic substances that are in the Department of Industrial Pollution; His serial number is 5LYM4 and someone wrote an s over the 5 and an a over the 4, giving him the name Slyma.

His combat is summarized in two phases: one in which he will be placing the red spheres along the wall of the room (during this phase he will not attack us directly) and another in which he will descend to the surface to attack us while the Debris left on the wall falls down to get in our way as Slyma tries to hit us.


After having defeated Brad in the Hall of Eternity we will have to choose the Department of Industrial Pollution as our next destination instead of going to the Department of Toxic Food Processing; After this, we will have to advance to the fourth room to go to the Thanager’s office.

As in the first area of ​​the game where there are three Thanagers, in addition to Slyma, there are two other minibosses that can appear in the Thanager’s Office of the Department of Industrial Pollution, these would be the following:

  • Ricardo Juan Barrón : The right hand of Mr. Gabriel Alquitrán, summons fists that fight for him and crawls with his claws through the battlefield.
  • X4-H : A mutated goop that turns into a huge mass that rolls and bounces up the walls and ceiling, it also summons a spiked ball that will annoy during combat.


This enemy does not really have many attacks, half of them use them to move around the field and only one of them will use it to attack us directly, but in exchange it will leave the Toxic Residues on the walls of the stage that will hinder us at any time. to dodge their attacks.


These are his attacks and how to act in response to them:

  • Thruster : As soon as the fight begins, Slyma will sit on the battlefield and use the toxic fluids in his body to propel himself and attach himself to the battlefield wall; Although this attack is more of a resource to move, it will leave a trail of toxic fluids that will splash covering a moderate area of ​​the battlefield, so we will have to stay away from it. Also, when Slyma performs this attack we will be able to notice a couple of exclamations on his side to indicate the danger of being hit.
  • Toxic Waste : Once the Thanager hangs on the wall, it will start leaving some radioactive red balls hanging on the wall of the battlefield; These balls gradually descend through the field until they disappear, therefore they will be a hindrance to us during combat, since we will hurt ourselves when coming into contact with them. At the beginning of the fight he usually does this attack three times in a row and can leave between 1 and 3 balls each time, but if the fight goes on for a long time he can do it up to six times in a row.
  • Radioactive Liana : When it finishes releasing its Toxic Residues, the enemy will drop down to go down to the surface making a dash that will damage us if it catches us in its trajectory, it is enough to move away from said trajectory with a sprint or rising with a jump combined with a downward attack.
  • Corrosive Bile : After releasing his Toxic Residues, he will quickly drop to the surface of the battlefield and use this attack 3 to 4 times in a row; Slyma will raise his hand and spit out a kind of toxic bile that will inflict damage on us, to evade it we have two options: make a dash to get behind his back or execute a jump and a descending attack, it all depends on how much the Toxic Residue bothers us that there is in the field.


Slyma is an enemy that has great mobility and the most important thing in this fight will be knowing the key moment to attack him; one of the best moments will be performing upward hooks to the left or to his right while placing Toxic Waste on the field wall (since the only thing that would hurt us would be coming into contact with the spheres, but while doing this task he cannot hurt us ).

The other moment is when he finishes placing the Toxic Waste and descends to the surface to attack us, at the moment when he throws his slime at us we will have to sprint to get behind him and we will be able to take the opportunity to deal him a couple of blows; Since this attack is done several times, it will be the best moment in which we can inflict the most damage on it.

Pitbook spells like Perfect Storm, Stormsworn and especially the Piercing Beam will be very good to attack Slyma from a distance while he is hanging on the walls, some Layer weapons like the Fiery Bow or the Vampiric Battery will also be useful for the same purpose.

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