April 14, 2024
Have A Nice Death – How to survive?

Have A Nice Death – How to survive?

What better way to survive in Have A Nice Death than tips and tricks shared directly by members of the team at Magic Design Studios? Just a quick introduction before getting down to business, with a presentation of the game:

Have a Nice Death is a 2D action roguelike where you play Death on the brink of burnout, having to get his employees back on track before the balance of souls is compromised. You’ll have to grab your scythe and show who’s in charge to the recalcitrant staff.

Simon Dutertre (Lead Game Designer): While it’s tempting to use the Anima as soon as you get it, there are other healing items you can find, so you should rather keep it as long as possible.

Tom Becker and Yannick Nyamsi (Level Designers): Don’t underestimate the importance of the Store during your run.

Jean-Baptiste Dionisi (QA tester): don’t forget your Fury, it’s very useful and very effective. It is also different for each weapon or spell. Learn them all and remember their area of ​​effect. These attacks recharge after a few fights, and they can save you a lot of damage in heavy-handed encounters.

Raphaël Courbier (Gameplay Programmer): use the Rush. It makes you invincible for a short time. With the right timing, you can survive even the most powerful attacks.

Dorian Essamir (Programmer): In arenas, take care of ranged enemies first, they are usually positioned on platforms that put you out of reach of other enemies.

Dorian Essamir (Programmer): The Scythe’s aerial attack sends you into the air faster than the jump and can be used to reposition you mid-combo (or zip through the level in style).

Yannick Montes (Gameplay Programmer): Taking advantage of Monsieur Dumollard’s Curses decides where your build goes and makes you stronger, so always choose a floor where he is present. He will also spawn after defeating a Blight or Thanager, so don’t be afraid to choose a floor that has a mini-boss when you reach an elevator.

Mérédith Alfroy (Narrative Designer/Marketing Coordinator): Have a Nice Death is a combat-oriented game, so don’t hesitate to spend time learning the behaviors of enemies and bosses: pay attention to their attack animations and to their hit box.

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