April 21, 2024


Ricardo Juan Barrón (RJ Barrón) is one of the Thanagers who work for Señor Gabriel Alquitrán in the Department of Industrial Pollution in Have a Nice Death ; At first, his movements can surprise us in a first confrontation with him if we go again, but once you know his movement patterns, he becomes the easiest Thanager to beat in the department.

This Thanager from the Department of Industrial Pollution is a tycoon with a very flashy appearance (somewhat reminiscent of Ursula from The Little Mermaid) and has a rather manipulative personality and uses it relentlessly to achieve his purposes, which led him to amass a great fortune selling empty plastic bottles as “bottled clean air”.

A curiosity about the combat of this enemy is that it is anchored to the far right of the field and stretches the tentacles of its body to be able to move along the stage, the good thing about this is that its movement patterns are even more predictable than those of his Thanager roommate X4-H.


After having defeated Brad in the Hall of Eternity we will have to choose the Department of Industrial Pollution as our next destination instead of going to the Department of Toxic Food Processing; After this, we will have to advance to the fourth room to go to the Thanager’s office.

Unlike other scenarios such as the Department of Physical Illnesses in which there is only one Thanager, in the Department of Industrial Pollution there are two more apart from RJ Barrón and the fight will be against one of them at random, which would be the following minibosses:

  • Slyma : A mutant barrel that leaves toxic waste on the battlefield.
  • X4-H : A mutated goop that turns into a huge mass that rolls and bounces up the walls and ceiling, it also summons a spiked ball that will annoy during combat.


As we have mentioned before, at the beginning if we go again, this enemy may surprise us by seeing that his body stretches and with this he achieves a great range in the field; but he has very few moves and all of them are extremely predictable, so it will be enough to learn a little about how his attacks work and follow our tips to dodge them.


These are his attacks and how to act in response to them:

  • Lethal Claws : Ricardo Juan Barrón’s claws will glow red and he will crawl across the battlefield until he reaches the far left; To evade this attack, retreat to the left end of the field, jump and execute an upward attack, stay for a while performing maneuvers in the air until the Thanager finishes its attack and returns to its starting position.
  • Elastic Attack : First of all, he will make a tackle with his body in the middle of the field and immediately afterwards he will make a quick attack that will reach the left end of the field; we just have to move away with a sprint to avoid receiving the tackle and then execute a jump to avoid the onslaught.
  • Righteous Fist : After executing one of the two attacks above, the Thanager will summon a fist onto the battlefield at the location where an exclamation mark appears; Normally, this will happen at the point where we are, but this is not always the case, so you will have to pay close attention to quickly remove yourself from the site (this attack is executed twice).
  • Righteous Fist + : In this attack, a burst of nine righteous fists are thrown at us that will attack us in a sequence that would be the following: right, center, left, right, center, left, right, center, right. The pattern is extremely easy to memorize so as not to eat any of your fists, but the truth is that if you stick to the extreme left completely, this attack will not deal damage to you at any time.


The best advice I can give you to avoid Ricardo Juan Barrón’s attacks is that as soon as he makes his Righteous Fists attacks, you retreat to the left end of the field and perform a jump with an upward attack to perform maneuvers in the air until he attacks with his Death Claws or Elastic Slam, in this way you will make sure to always dodge these two attacks.

I recommend you attack him only when he finishes performing the Elastic Slam or the Death Claws, because he will remain immobile for a few seconds until he summons one of his fists on the field, so it will be the best time to attack him with everything we have. .

Quick Pitbook spells that are cast in a straight line like the Poisoned Gift or chase the enemy like the Bees or the Moscojonera will be useful to us, but perhaps in this case one of the ones that shines the most is the Poisonous Mist, since this enemy has very low mobility and is perfect for passively getting a lot of poison stacks on him.

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