April 16, 2024


Upon reaching the fourth area of ​​Have a Nice Death we will enter the Department of Modern Conflicts, at the end of this a fight against the Lament called Commander Warren Pliskhan , an enemy with a tremendous arsenal of weapons, will await us.

Warren Pliskhan has an explosive personality, he is always pissed off and just constantly wants attention; His short height of 1.20 is very striking, since he is one of the smallest bosses in the entire game. Such is his temper, that instead of obeying the Grim Reaper once he is defeated, he prefers to destroy himself by launching a wave of missiles at himself.

Obviously, the difficulty level of this Lament is much higher than that of G. Tar or H. Pompas, but in addition to being more complex, it also has a much more complete set of attacks than these other Laments, since it will use all kinds of firearms to attack us.


After defeating Lamento H. Pompas in the Department of Physical Illnesses or Maxxx in the Department of Addictions, our next destination will be the Department of Modern Conflicts where we will meet Commander Warren Pliskhan when we reach the last room.

As always, we can face a Thanager before fighting the Lament of the area; but in this case, there is only one Thanager that works in this area (so we will get the same Thanager every time we reach the third room of the department):

  • C. Flage.

If we manage to defeat Commander Warren Pliskhan in the last room of the Department of Modern Conflicts, the next location we will head to will be the Department of Natural Disasters, where the damage from enemies and life will go up enormously, in addition to having to overcome the battle against the fearsome C. Imamura.


Commander Warren Pliskhan has all kinds of attacks: weapons that shoot long range, attacks that leave residual damage on the battlefield, melee attacks with bombs…


These are his attacks and how to act in response to them:

  • Missile Hail : Very similar to G. Tar ‘s Gunk Launcher attack ; Pliskhan will activate a series of missiles with his remote control that will fall randomly on the battlefield. To dodge it we will simply have to observe the pattern and move towards the safe gaps (at first it will not combine it with any other attack, but when it has life left it can).
  • Nuclear Bomb : The moment you see that a huge missile begins to emerge from the ground, you must run towards it and hit it with everything you have to break it, because if we do not manage to break it in time, it will inevitably explode, causing us damage. very high that we will not be able to evade.
  • Rocket Ride : We will observe the commander riding a rocket whose head is shaped like a dragon, it will slide across the battlefield until it reaches the upper corner, releasing small flames on its way that will stay for a few seconds; To avoid this we will have to stay at the opposite end of the one where he is and observe very well the string of flames that he is leaving, since there will be a small hole through which no flames will fall that will allow us to jump to the other side of the field ( because the flames in that part will already be extinguishing).
  • Jumping Bomb : Sometimes it will be mounted on a bomb in which it will perform multiple jumps that cover approximately a third of the field, the strategy to dodge this attack is to keep us at a safe distance and sprint to go to the other side just when it finishes performing one of these jumps.
  • Jetpack : It is another of the attacks that he usually performs very frequently, Pliskhan will rise on the battlefield and create a column of fire with which he will chase us around the battlefield; To evade this attack, all you have to do is sprint below the column of fire and head to the other side of the battlefield, although you will have to do this several times.
  • Bazooka : The commander will take out a grenade launcher that will throw 3 to 4 projectiles, we can combine a jump with an upward attack to reach a height where it does not hit us and then sprint to stay a little longer in the air while the projectiles finish impacting.


The most important thing in this fight is knowing how to sprint at the right time to avoid moves like the Jumping Bomb and the Jetpack, since these moves can cause us very high damage and are executed very frequently.

Once we control the timing of the sprints, if we follow the advice of the safe zone to avoid the damage from Rocket Ride’s flares and break the Nuclear Bomb before it explodes, we will have the fight completely dominated and we can do it without being hurt. do no harm.

The time when we will have the most time to deal damage to him without retaliation is when we destroy the Nuclear Bomb, since he will stay put for a few moments.

Many of Commander Warren Pliskhan’s attacks are done in the air, so it would be useful to carry some Pitbook spells that chase him around the field like Moscojonera or Bees and Cloak weapons like the Firebow or Pulseblade.

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