April 15, 2024


The Lord of Onyx is one of those Elden Ring bosses that we find in the Eternal Prison, bosses that are often quite powerful, as happened for example with the Hound Knight or the Crucible Knight , but this time it is not the case.

Indeed, it is a fairly simple boss. It stands out for having the typical purple gravity attacks, those that have the particularity of attracting us, which are certainly quite annoying, but in the end you will see that the combat is not that bad since their attacks end up being not very dangerous/easy to dodge and it is quite simple to get off the boss without major problems.

The case, we go as always with its location and with the guide of its combat, and of course, at the end we will also talk about its rewards.


Eternal Prison of the Royal Tomb in the Elden Ring

We will find Mr. Onyx in the  Eternal Prison of the Royal Tomb . It is very easy to locate since since he is one of these bosses of the Eternal Prison, the area will appear marked on the map. As you can see in the photo above, this is to the right of the Caria Mansion .


We will have to play very defensively as the boss is quite aggressive and otherwise he will do a lot of damage to us. Keep your guard up or parrot to dodge him well if you’re the non-shield type and only attack him in response to his attacks (typical hit-and-run strategy). Luckily these are quite easy to dodge despite the fact that it is a bit heavy and intense (the damned person does not rest much).

These are his attacks:

  • Common Blow : A fairly slow and not very powerful basic blow (it has different similar versions), you will easily block it. The attack you want it to always do, but unfortunately it won’t be like that.
  • Three Hit Combo : A three hit combo, one sword, one fist and will finish with a powerful charged sword attack. The important thing is above all not to eat the last blow, although it will be enough to keep your guard up to block them all and that’s it.
  • Gravity Strike : A simple strike forward applying the gravity element, yours would be to dodge it since if you block it you will receive some damage, although of course it is better to block than to eat it fully, that is clear. The problem is that it does it very fast, so unless you have the reflexes of a tiger you will surely eat it, so shield high just in case.
  • Expansive Wave + Gravity Balls : One of his most dangerous attacks. He will kneel on the ground as in the photo above, he will create a shock wave (so you will have to run so that he does not catch you with the wave) and after this he will start to throw several gravity balls at us, so his thing would be to get away to dodge them easily and then resume the offensive. When he finishes throwing the balls at you is a good time to heal up as you will have some time between the boss going back on the offensive.
  • Charging Slashes : He will run towards you to slash you and after that he will circle around to come back towards you and hit you again. The easy thing is to block both attacks although of course you can also dodge them.
  • Throw Gravity Ball : It will do it especially when you are far away (if he catches you close because you were running towards him for example it is almost impossible to dodge, so be careful if you run towards him), basically he will launch a gravitational ball that will go directly towards you quickly . If you dodge quickly you will be able to avoid the damage from him, shield up just in case as always.

Luckily, if you are relatively well equipped, it will fall quite quickly since it does not have much life, it did not last long for me at least. If you have a blunt weapon like the Grafted Blade Broadsword or the Guts Broadsword (in korosenai we are team Espadones) you will notice it a lot because it is relatively easy to stun him to put a good combo on him and annihilate him.


This is the reward that we will obtain when defeating Royal Guard Loretta:

  • Spell «Meteorites» : A quite powerful Gravity Spell since we can cast it to launch a shower of small meteorites forward to hit multiple enemies (very powerful if you face big enemies like dragons or giants since you will hit them with many meteorites at the same time have a large body), ideal for mages who want to focus on Gravity Spells, especially if they have the Meteor Staff equipped. It is useful when you are facing multiple enemies.

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