April 16, 2024


This time we will face the final boss of Hikari’s chapter 2 in Octopath Traveler 2 , a pretty powerful boss and the truth is that it’s pretty cool called Bandelam .

It’s about a gladiator who wins all of his fights who is clearly inspired by Guts from Berserk (sharp huh) and who will face the almighty warrior Hikari (it seems that Hikari’s bosses are the most interesting, right?). The boss as such has not seemed too complicated to me, but anyway I leave you here the complete guide for him so that you can defeat him in the easiest way.


As we commented in all the Octopath Traveler 2 boss guides, we recommend that you pay attention to the level recommendation that the game proposes, in this case level 15. So it would be recommended that the lowest level character on your team be at least level 15.

In addition to this I will recommend that you have Hikari at least level 20 since before the real battle against Bandelam we will have to defeat him in a 1 vs 1 with Hikari’s fight action (quite easy this part of the battle, if you can’t with it lightens Hikari a bit). It would also be his thing that you equip him with the best weapons you can, especially facing the spear since the boss is weak to it. Since we’re talking about weaknesses, let’s look at all the ones the boss has.


These are Bandelam’s weaknesses. We will face him alone, he has no companions or summons bugs or anything like that, he is a lone warrior.

  • Dagger
  • Lance
  • Axe
  • Fire
  • Light


These are the characters that I recommend for this boss, you don’t have to use these, adapt it according to your preferences, but I used these.

  • Hikari : You have to take it yes or yes to battle and even if it was optional we would take it because it is very powerful. His spear attacks and the potential of him will be of great help.
  • Agnea : To go boosting our companions and also helping them to regenerate PH if you seduced the girl that I mentioned in La’Mani ‘s post (from Agnea chapter 2), which I highly recommend because that way you can spam  abilities without problems, which is very noticeable.
  • Osvald : For having tremendous damage. We will be able to exploit this weakness to fire very well with «Fireball» and between Agnea’s buff with «Strutting», which will give her PH, the «Advanced Magic» buff that she can apply herself (try that ability because it is very broken) and on top of that, adding its tremendous potential that enhances the damage to single target … well, you can imagine, you will do colossal damage with it.
  • Temenos : Especially to heal the group with “Cure Wounds” or with “Healing Touch” (I have it with the Apothecary secondary job to make it the ultimate Healer) in case you want to heal a single target to save more AP. When the boss is stunned I would take the opportunity to use all the momentum with «Holy Light», which as you have already seen, Bandelam is weak to light. Temenos doesn’t have tremendous damage (although Agnea’s “Strut” is noticeable), but it all adds up.


Once again, the boss will block some of his weaknesses from time to time, something that already seems to be a tradition in the bosses of chapter 2 as we already saw in Vador or in the aforementioned La’Mani, so you will have to adapt according to the weaknesses. that is not blocked.

The strategy is simple. Since I don’t want to be redundant, I will remember that thanks to Agnea’s partner we can restore AP to our characters when we boost them , which means that if you play your cards well you will have infinite AP. Clarified this … let’s go with the strategy. Agnea’s role will be to boost your characters (Osvald and Hikari priority) and incidentally help them recover PH; When you get over urged (should pass) use a “Fatal Click”, especially when Bandelam is stunned.

You spear him with Hikari, ideally with «Critical Throw» (or bad basic rolls, but our Agnea is god, you know) and when the boss is stunned you roll «Critical Throw» again with maximum boost ( spend all the boost when stunned with all your characters) or «Heavenly Slice»l in the event that you have the potential available.

With Osvald you see spamming “Fireball”, but always have Advanced Magic active to unlock its true damage (Osvald is very broken). A Fireball with 3 boost and its potential when stunned will pack a punch that will leave you shaking.

And fear us as always in its role of healing us, you can sneak in some “Sacred Light” since since it is weak to light it will help us to stun it and we have a total PH recovery Agnea, so you can abuse the abilities. Of course, save the momentum to do a “Holy Light” with maximum momentum when he is stunned.

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