April 14, 2024


Garnet the Pet is the boss that we will have to defeat at the end of chapter 2 of the Partitio merchant story in Octopath Traveler 2 . We will have the battle in Cronobanco, specifically in the Locke Company Factory, let’s remember that Locke is Partitio’s uncle and who seems to be our final objective.

The boss is pretty straightforward so it shouldn’t give you too much trouble. He doesn’t have too much damage or cumbersome mechanics; the only thing that really stands out is that it has a tremendous amount of health, but that is not something that bothers us too much since it will only imply that it will be a somewhat long fight (which does not mean that it is a fairly simple boss although also quite cool for being a kind of huge Pug with a very bad mood).

The case, if the boss is giving you problems, in this guide I will explain in detail how you can defeat him easily. So nothing, here we go!


As I say in each of the bosses in Octopath Traveler 2, especially now that we are already in chapter 2 onwards, you should follow the level recommendation that the game itself proposes to overcome this chapter without too many problems. This time they ask us for level 18 , so your lowest level character should reach at least that level for the boss to be bearable.

If for whatever reason you have a character that does not meet that criteria, yours is that you level it up a bit; My recommendation is that in the save before the boss you go around a few times to gain experience with the enemies that appear in the Factory (I don’t think that will pass the security controls with so many bugs around) and that when you meet the level requirement heals all your characters, also refills all their PH and launches into battle.


These are Garnet’s weaknesses, the boss will be alone, he will not have the help of other enemies:

  • Lance
  • Axe
  • Ray
  • Fire

He has 8 shield, which is quite a noticeable amount, but with the choice of characters that I will give you now it will be very easy to stun him.


These are the characters that I recommend for this battle:

  • Hikari : I always recommend it for its tremendous physical damage, currently I have it as a secondary job for Thief (which won’t be very relevant for this battle, really, but just so you know). The idea is to go attacking Garnet with the spear to stun him.
  • Partitio : We have to take it yes or yes to battle; This is not a problem because it is tremendous support.
  • Osvald : For its tremendous damage. In this case we can hit him very well with both «Fireball» and «Lightning», choose the spell you prefer.
  • Temenos : As always he will be our trusted healer , so his primary role will be to heal the group when necessary.


With Hikari use the spear attack that hits the most times to lower her shield more, very key if you have learned the movement “Spear Fishing” because it hits many times, it is one of those abilities that you can obtain in duels of her path action . In any case, I recommend that you do not overdo lowering his shield too much in the first few turns because you want to gain enough momentum and put on all the buffs before starting the real offensive.

Regarding Partitio, his role will mainly be to donate IP to his teammates , preferably Osvald, so that he can cause tremendous damage. You can also use his spear to lower the boss’s shield points.

For Osvald, remember to apply “Advanced Magic” or “Alephan’s Lore” to yourself (if you already have his divine ability unlocked, by now it is very likely that you do). Alephan’s Knowledge requires 3 boost to activate, but with the help of Partitio giving us tons of boost shouldn’t be a problem (his potential will give him a lot of boost that you can donate to whoever you want, use it wisely).

As soon as you stun the boss and making sure you have Alephan’s Lore active or at least Advanced Magic you should hit it with Fireball or Lightning with 3 boost and preferably activating its potential to deal devastating damage ( It will not be enough with one or two times to knock him down, as I have already told you, this puppy has a lot of life). You see donating IP with Partitio to spend all the momentum with Osvald.

Temenos will have to go healing the group with “Heal Wounds” when necessary, this does not do much damage, so as long as your group is good you can go hitting with Fire or Lightning spells. In my case I have it with the Erudite side job, which I highly recommend so that it can do some damage when you don’t need to heal.

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