April 16, 2024


This time we will see the guide of the boss that we will have to defeat at the end of chapter 4 of Hikari (we are getting less) in Octopath Traveler 2 . It is nothing more and nothing less than Mrs. Lai Mei , an old friend of Hikari who we will have to convince to lend us her spear in order to face the offensive against the kingdom of Ku.

It is noticeable that we already have the characters quite empowered because this should be a much more difficult boss than what he ends up assuming, but of course, at this point we already have several characters with a level well above what the game recommends (below). we’ll see) and that makes things a lot easier.

In any case, you will have to be careful because it is true that the second phase of this boss can be complicated if you do not take certain things into account, which of course we will discuss in this post.


For this mission we are recommended to have our characters at least level 39 and as I always say, it is yours to listen to it if you do not want to complicate your life too much. In my case I went with the characters even a little higher, so it was quite simple.

If for whatever reason you don’t usually use Hikari and you have him leveled up a little (bad decision, really), try to raise him a bit and accompany him with characters that are a little above the level to compensate a bit. And visiting the shops to improve your characters’ equipment is always great.


Lai won’t be alone, the battle will begin with two escort soldiers who are actually quite large and shouldn’t give you too much trouble. Let’s see all her weaknesses, Lai Mei’s first:

  • Sword
  • Walking stick
  • Fire
  • Light

They are not very far-fetched weaknesses and quite bearable since Osvald and Hikari will be able to exploit them very well. But… unfortunately she is one of those bosses that when you stun them will change her set of weaknesses, this would be the other one:

  • Dagger
  • Axe
  • Wind
  • Darkness

These are less common, so you want to hit him really hard while he has the first set. Now the weaknesses of the soldiers that escort her, while they are alive, Lai Mei will block all of her weaknesses.

  • Lance
  • Bow
  • Fire
  • Ray
  • Darkness

The Spear and probably Bow (according to the Side Job) you can also exploit and these share Lai Mei’s Fire weakness , so Osvald’s Fire spells will spread a lot.


Hikari in Octopath Traveler 2

These are the characters that I recommend for this battle:

  • Hikari : You are forced to wear it, not because the game forces you, because I say so. No jokes, he is the best physical attacker and maybe even the best character. It is highly recommended to apply a Tanking strategy so that you do not melt the other characters. I took him with the Weapons Master Side Job (by now you can unlock it) and the truth is that he noticed a lot, the boss didn’t last long because Hikari did colossal damage.
  • Osvald : His Fire spells and good area damage will come in handy.
  • Agnea : To boost our characters in order to cause more damage and to recover PH (take a look at La’Mani ‘s post if you don’t know that trick, Agnea improves a lot). Partitio or even Throné could be an alternative.
  • Temenos : As always, he will dedicate himself to healing the group and when it is not necessary, he will cause damage or preferably support his team (I will explain it better below).


The usual strategy of building up momentum and stunning him; but it would be highly recommended that you in turn attack their escorts to lower them (their thing is to make area attacks) since while they are alive you will not be able to reduce Lai Mei’s shield (Osvald’s Fire spell is very key for example ).

Hikari will be putting on “Incite” + “Vengeful Sword” to absorb the attacks and counterattack them very hard. Agnea to apply buff to the DPS (Hikari and Osvald), Osvald to spam Fire spells and Temenos to try to boost Osvald with «Advanced Magic» so that he deals more damage and lowers the shields more (when it is not necessary to heal , of course) and also casting a Fire spell (recommended to take it with Scholar’s Side Job).

When you stun her you spend all the Momentum and use the most powerful abilities and Potentials because you really want to get her down before she changes her weaknesses . The most probable thing is that if you follow this strategy this is the case (unless you have the characters very poorly leveled/equipped) or in the worst case, that you leave it at low health; In that case, finishing it off will be quite simple.

Another reason why you want to lower it on the first stun is because it will become much more powerful and start attacking very often (he gets a lot of Speed), if this happens you will have to stun him quickly or he will be unstoppable.

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