April 14, 2024


The Guilds are one of the most important things that we have to locate in Octopath Traveler 2 since each one of them will allow us to unlock one of the Secondary Jobs of the game for our characters. In case you don’t know what all this is about… I’ll explain it better.

Each character has a main job assigned: Partitio is a Merchant, Osvald a Scholar…etc. The fact is that when we find these Guilds and talk to the manager, he will unlock one of the Jobs as a Secondary Job so that a character can equip it (you can only have a character with the same secondary job until you unlock some licenses that are obtained also in the Guilds doing a series of things that the person in charge will ask us for).

The idea is that you equip your characters with the Secondary Job that interests you the most for said character or for your team, since that way you can use the abilities of said job, the secondary job, and the main job. You’ll also have some stat changes, so you’ll have to take a good look at it.

To give some examples:

  • Hikari it’s a good idea to give him the Hunter side job for example so he can use Spears, Swords, Bows and also Axes (a wide arsenal of weapons).
  • We fear you can put Scholar to increase its elemental damage and have the powerful spells of these.

The possibilities are endless, they are so worth unlocking! Oh, and know that they are marked on the map with an icon like a shield with 4 black and white squares.


New Delsta in Octopath Traveler 2
  • Side Job: Inventor.
  • Teleport: New Delta.
  • Zone Level: 11.

Another very simple one and it is also one of the Secret Side Jobs of the game. Head to the New Delsta Teleport and turn right to reach ” New Delsta East Causeway “. Now in the new area, take the path above and when you pass the pier you go all the time to the right until you see some stairs that go down that will take you to a house; that house is the Guild.


Trickster's Cove in Octopath Traveler 2
  • Secondary Job: Apothecary.
  • Teleport: Trickster’s Cove.
  • Zone Level: 0 (but the zone to reach is level 28).

Extremely easy to find this one. It’s in ” Trickster’s Cove “, so use the teleport to get there. Once in the city, look to the right and as soon as you see a detour down, then you go there. The little house you will find is the Apothecaries Guild.


Trophop in Octopath Traveler 2
  • Side Job: Hunter.
  • Teleport: Trophop.
  • Zone Level: 0 (but the zone to reach is level 28).

Go to Trophop’s teleport and head left to reach ” Trophop’s Old West Path “. From there the thing is not very mysterious, you will have to go all the time to the left; When you can no longer continue to the left, be careful because in reality you will be able to continue, you will have to cross an area that is covered by some trees and you will find the Guild.


Sai City in Octopath Traveler 2
  • Side Job: Guerrero.
  • Teleport: City of Sai.
  • Zone Level: 0 (but the zone to reach is level 28).

We’ll find it in a city, so you won’t have any major problems. Go to Sai City and head north without stopping until you reach a pretty nice traditional house; this house is the Guild, probably the easiest to find.


WhiteTime in Octopath Traveler 2
  • Side Job: Thief.
  • Teleport: Chronoblanco.
  • Zone Level: 0 (but the zone to reach is level 28).

One of the easiest Guilds to find since it is one of those that is located in one of the main cities of the game, in fact we will carry out several chapters there. We go to Cronoblanco’s teleport and take the north path to reach a new area of ​​the city: « Cronoblanco Commercial District ».

From there, go left and go down the stairs that are a little hidden behind the building that is in front of our characters, covering the screen. Then go down the stairs to the left and enter the dark door that you will see up.


Sacrapyre in Octopath Traveler 2
  • Side Job: Cleric.
  • Teleport: Sacrapire.
  • Zone Level: 28.

You teleport in Sacrapira and take the path on the right to go to “Paso Oriental de Sacrapira”. In this area, you first go down the stairs and continue all the way to the right (you will go through a kind of stone arch); continue to the right and you will arrive at « Fronterizas Falls », which is the area that interests us.

Once you are in this area, go up the stairs that go up and when you are up, take the path to the left and you will end up finding the Guild.


Frostpetal in Octopath Traveler 2
  • Side Job: Scholar.
  • Teleport: Frosty Petal.
  • Zone Level: 28.

Very easy guild to find, all you have to do is go to Petalogelido, an area located in the northeast of the map. From the teleport there you simply head to the area on the left to go to ” Western Frostpetal Wasteland ” and from there continue to the left until you reach a kind of uphill. At the top you have the Guild.


Caveman in Octopath Traveler 2
  • Side Job: Merchant.
  • Teleport: Cavehouse.
  • Zone Level: 28.

Another fairly easy to locate. We go to Cavernalia and continue along the path that we have on the left to reach the « Western Path of Cavernalia ».

From there it’s as simple as always following the path up while moving to the left. You will go up some stairs and you will end up reaching a natural bridge that takes you to the left; cross it and after this you see the ladders that you will find. That booth is the Guild you seek.

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