April 21, 2024


Plukk the Thief is the boss that we will have to defeat in the second part of Castti chapter 2 in Octopath Traveler 2 in order to save Rosa’s daughter, the truth is that in terms of lore this chapter is quite emotional, but I won’t do spoilers .

The case, regarding the fight against the boss, takes place in Petagelido and I must say that it is clearly the most complicated boss by far that I have faced in what would be the mid game (Ritsu would be the most complicated early ) and after having defeated I bring you the strategy so that you can defeat him in an easier way.

Having the most leveled characters and with the best equipment is noticeable, but this boss was a good obstacle (I think it killed me a couple of bosses and in the third one it almost didn’t kill me) because it has tremendous damage. At least that experience has helped me to know better what you have to do to beat him… the key is to take 2 Healers , but now I’ll tell you in more detail.


As usual, make sure you meet the level requirement for this mission, in this case level 24 . In fact, in this one I would tell you to even overcome it, although if you have a character at 24 it doesn’t matter. The idea is that you take your most powerful characters and Castti. If you are following our order of bosses, you will have left it for one of the last ones in chapter 2, that will be quite helpful.

The same for the team, it is a good time to update it; especially the armor and others because having a good defense will be vital against Plukk and his 2 sync pairs. You also see a good assortment of healing items just in case.


Let’s start with Plukk’s weaknesses:

  • Sword
  • Dagger
  • Axe
  • Fire

Let’s continue with Mikk’s (the helper below):

  • Lance
  • Bow
  • Ice

And let’s finish with Makk’s (the one above):

  • Bow
  • Ray
  • Wind
  • Ice

That Makk and Mikk share the weakness to Ice will be very useful to take advantage of it with our brand new Osvald.

Regarding the boss’s shield, it has 7 points and has the mechanic that we have already seen in many chapter 2 bosses in which it can block its weaknesses. In this case, the fact that Mikk is alive will block 2 weaknesses from Plukk and Makk the other 2, so the key will be to finish off the 2 helpers first.


These are the characters that I recommend for this battle:

  • Hikari : The best tank in the game and in this battle we are going to need a tank because between the 3 of them they do terrible damage and if they hit randomly they will kill you constantly. I take it with Hunter side job, although it won’t be too useful in this battle.
  • Osvald : He will be our main DPS as always thanks to his tremendous area damage.
  • Castti : It is mandatory to take her with you, she will be in charge of healing the group and especially Hikari. I recommend that you put Cleric secondary work to have heals and revives in area like Temenos.
  • Temenos : To support Castti with heals and provide some offensive support (ideally you take him with the secondary work of Erudite so that he can better support on the offensive end).

That said, having Healers is very key because otherwise it will be almost impossible to keep the group alive. The battle will drag on a little longer, but that will ensure victory.


As I have already mentioned, the worst thing about the boss is that between the 3 of them they do horrible damage, but nothing that we can’t manage with Hikari as a tank and Castti and Temenos as Healers ; while Osvald is in charge of distributing firewood (Hikari will actually also do a lot of damage in this battle indirectly).

Hikari has to maintain the following abilities in this order of priority:

  • Incite : To be the target of individual attacks.
  • Vengeful Blade : To counterattack when they hit us individually. It does quite a bit of foolish damage.
  • Iron Wall : To increase our Physical Defense for 3 turns. Less relevant since Temenos or Castti can also buff us in this regard, but keep in mind that Hikari himself can apply it if necessary.

Castti and Temenos heal with “Heal Wounds” and “Healing Touch”, especially being careful with Hikari. Very key also support him with “Prayer of the Flame” and “Sacred Shield”. I recommend you save the Impulse points for when a big heal is needed with Castti and those of Temenos to use them with a powerful Scholar Spell when you stun Mikk and Makk (when the group is good use Offensive Spells to stun and cause damage ); between the two you shouldn’t have healing problems .

Osvald will be the biggest source of Ice Wind damage and when you’re done with Mikk and Makk you fireball (and if you have the potential ready, better) at Plukk. Save the momentum for when you stun them. If you have Temenos with Scholar’s side job you can cast “Advanced Magic” on him so Osvald doesn’t lose a turn, that would be ideal. «Knowing from Alephan» is very good, but it requires 3 Impulse to use it and the difference with respect to «Advanced Magic» is not that much, I recommend you roll Advanced Magic more.

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