April 21, 2024
The Callisto Protocol: Find All Weapons & Blueprints

The Callisto Protocol: Find All Weapons & Blueprints

In this The Callisto Protocol weapon guide,  you’ll learn:

  • Where to find all missable weapon blueprints
  • How to make weapons and…
  • … what improvements you should make

In The Callisto Protocol, weapons are your only chance to survive the madness on the moon of Jupiter. You’ll get some of them automatically as you progress through the game. However, there are a few powerful guns that are easy to overlook . That won’t happen to you with our weapons guide to the survival horror adventure from Striking Distance Studios.

Crafting and upgrading weapons – how it works

In The Callisto Protocol, some weapons are obtained automatically as you progress through the game. However, there are some hidden shooting pistons that you must craft using a 3D printer called Reforge. The printers are often located in command centers or other checkpoints towards the end of a larger section.

In order to be able to craft the weapons, you need the corresponding blueprint . We describe where you can find them in the following sections. Improving also works via the Reforge. To create and improve weapons, the printer requires the resource “Callisto Credits”, which you usually receive as enemy drops.

There are also valuable items, such as energy converters, which you can find in the game world and sell at the Reforge . The dangerous warden robots will drop one of these items. You can read how to defeat them in our fight guide to The Callisto Protocol .

Stun Gun: The melee weapon in The Callisto Protocol

During the first few minutes in his new prison garb, Jacob is given a knife and pickaxe that you can use to defend yourself in Chapter 1. At the beginning of the second chapter, you will then automatically exchange the tool for the stun gun. The electrifying baton accompanies you for the rest of the game and remains one of the most important weapons until the end.

Definitely unlocks the Riot Containment Momentum upgrade . Jacob learns a powerful hit with the stun gun, with which you lever out several opponents at the same time. Also important: the “acceleration alloy shell” for faster slashes.

First firearm: The revolver

The revolver is the first firearm you get at the beginning of Chapter 3: Aftermath. The revolver costs 800 Callisto Credits to craft . You can find the change you need in the chest next to the Reforge.

With the revolver, the game also introduces the strategic aiming system , which allows you to attach a quick shot to a successful melee combo.

Tip for trophy hunters: If you want to secure the Callisto Protocol trophy (guide) “You need a weapon”, where you have to completely upgrade a weapon, as cheaply as possible, the revolver is the right choice. You fully upgrade the BI-55 pistol for a total of 2,800 Callisto Credits. If you don’t care about the trophy, don’t waste credits on the first handgun and instead put it in something more powerful.

GRP: The Telekinesis Glove

Jacob also finds the GRP automatically in Chapter 3. With it you can use telekinesis to hurl enemies and objects through the air . As explained in our The Callisto Protocol tips guide , it’s also great for removing grates from secret shafts.

In fact, the GRP in The Callisto Protocol is mostly a nice gimmick. You can easily get through the game without any upgrade . If you still like using it, upgrades to the throwing range and the improved battery capacity are worthwhile.

Find Hidden Skunk Shotgun in The Callisto Protocol

This short shotgun is the first weapon in The Callisto Protocol that you can actually miss. Head down into the basement in Chapter 3: Aftermath. In front of the lattice gate to workshop D302, opposite the SHU entrance D303 , you will find a fuse.

Instead of using it at SHU Access D303 to progress through the chapter, go back and use it on a lattice gate next to which a corpse warden is leaning against the wall. Behind it you reach the blueprint for the skunk shotgun via a ventilation shaft.

The mighty shotgun will serve you well throughout the game. Be sure to upgrade the magazine capacity . If you want to really let it rip, fully upgrade the Skunk Shotgun and you will get homing projectiles.

The riot shotgun

The Riot Shotgun gives you a new companion in Chapter 5, so you can’t miss it. Thanks to a wide spread and high damage, you can easily knock down attacks from multiple opponents at once. Upgrade the riot shotgun twice until you reach the magazine upgrade . This increases the capacity and allows you to fire more shots without having to reload.

Find Auto Pistol

You can easily miss the automatic pistol in Chapter 6. You reach a nest of sorts in the depths of the colony by encountering new enemy types reminiscent of The Last of Us clickers. If you have survived the first rail areas with the blind hikers, you will come to a narrow corridor, on the walls of which the mutants have grown.

Be careful when you walk by – some of the attached critters will wake up if you get too close or if you blind them with a flashlight. Keep right on the corridor and you can enter a side room with lockers behind a lattice fence . The blueprint for the automatic pistol is on the desk.

Printing at the Reforge will cost you 600 Callisto Credits . Plan another 300 for slightly more damage and 900 credits for a higher magazine capacity.

Assault Rifle: Here you will find the hidden blueprint

You can also miss the last weapon in The Callisto Protocol. The assault rifle is hidden in Chapter 7 – Colony. You reach the Undercity and need to find an elevator key card . Standing in front of the locked elevator, turn right and you will see a container with a ladder leading up.

Climb up and turn around. Go through the container marked “General Store”  and turn left after the back exit. In the small bathroom, the construction plan is on the sink. With the assault rifle, you should pay particular attention to stability so that you can place the bullets properly.

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