April 15, 2024
WoW: Dragonflight - Trial of the Elements & Trial of the Tide

WoW: Dragonflight – Trial of the Elements & Trial of the Tide

In this guide to Trial of the Elements and Trial of the Tide in WoW: Dragonflight you will learn:

  • Where you can find the two events
  • What you have to do there
  • What rewards do you get?

    What do I have to consider during the exams?

    The two trials (Flood and Elements) start every one to two hours . As soon as one of the events starts, a small chest will appear on your map. Then make your way quickly to the event area.

    Trial of the Tide: To the Plains of Ohn’ahra

    The first of the two trials can be found in the second area of ​​the Dragon Isles, the Plains of Ohn’ahra. The location is in the far south of the Plains, by the Ohn’iri Springs . Here you have to face different water elementals in several waves.

    Trial of the Elements: Time Travel with the Bronze Dragonflight

    The second trial can be found in Thaldraszus, in the shrine of the bronze dragonflight. A portal in the temporal conflux leads you into the event area – the future of the primalists. Once there, you’ll find the trial in the northwest . The event runs like the first event, only this time you are attacked by many different elementals. At the end, a big boss is waiting for you.

    What rewards do I get in the Trials?

    The two events reward you with various items, all of which are useful. First and foremost, you can get gear from them that scales with your level (from 340-382).

    • Reputation items like Titan Relics, Centaur Hunting Trophies and more
    • Items for professions like Primeval Chaos or for increasing your knowledge
    • Supplies of the Dragon Isles
    • Various potions
    • treasure maps
    • transmog items

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