April 21, 2024
Types of coins in Overwatch 2, what they are for and how to get each one for free

Types of coins in Overwatch 2, what they are for and how to get each one for free

Veteran players didn’t care much about in-game currency anymore . Most already had everything unlocked, and the scarcity of content has allowed more than one to be rich right now … albeit only in-game. It seems incredible what I am going to say, but it is quite true: this is when the coins of Overwatch 2 become important , more than you can imagine.

The existence of a Battle Pass and an online store has meant that the Overwatch 2 developers have had to make some changes to the in-game currencies . I understand that everything has to be chaos now, especially for new players, so I’m willing to lend a cable to anyone who needs it. Below I am going to list all the types of coins that are in the game, what they are for and how to get each one (yes, free too).

Overwatch 2 Coins

  • This is the new type of currency that has come to the game. His real name is “Overwatch coin” ⭐
  • This type of currency is used to buy the Premium Battle Pass, items from the online store and old cosmetics in the Gallery of Heroes ✌
  • They are obtained for free by completing the weekly challenges of the game ✅
Overwatch 2 Passes

old credits

  • These are the coins from the original Overwatch . If you have merged your accounts, you will have all the currencies together in Overwatch 2 ⭐
  • These coins are used to buy certain cosmetics in the Gallery of Heroes , but only those that are of the new characters. You will have the option to choose with which currency you buy those objects ✅
  • Unfortunately, there is no longer any way to get them ❌
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competition points

  • This type of currency is used to buy the golden weapons of the characters in Overwatch 2 (each weapon costs a total of 3000 competitive points ) ⭐
  • They are achieved by playing competitive games: 10 points for a win and 3 for a draw ✅
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Overwatch League Tokens

  • These coins are related to the Overwatch League , and are also known under the name “Tokens” ✌
  • They are used to buy any skin that is related to the Overwatch League : team recolors, Legendary skins and All-Stars skins ❗
  • These are earned for free by following Overwatch League matches on YouTube . You get 5 Tokens per hour , but sometimes they do special programs to get more ⭐
picture 2 3

To get the Tokens thanks to the Overwatch League , you not only have to follow their matches, but you also have to have your YouTube and Battle.net accounts linked . I’ll tell you how it’s done:

  1. Log in to your YouTube channel and go to this link
  2. Once inside, look for the Battle.net symbol and hit “Connect”
  3. Sign in with your Battle.net account and follow the steps to link

Clever! Remember that you have the comments section more than available in case you have any other questions. Overwatch 2  is now available for  free  to players on  PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and Nintendo Switch .

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