April 14, 2024
The Sea of ​​Sand of Scarlet Reign achievement guide

The Sea of ​​Sand of Scarlet Reign achievement guide in Genshin Impact

In order to get the achievement, you will need to activate 3 towers through the desert.

We will therefore see here how to do it.

1- The tower to the south

Go discreetly in front of the tower without being spotted by the Eremites.

One of the Eremites has a yellow light above his head, this is your target. Don’t eliminate it or you’ll have to start over the next day.

You need to follow her from a distance to recover the password. If Paimon doesn’t tell you to follow her when you’re close to her, go back to the door and try to activate the opening mechanism to update your mission.

Once the password has been obtained, return to the front door and open it. The password will be: Marg bar parvezravan .

Head into the depths of the cave until you reach the door with a switch to its right.

You will find in the middle of the room a small challenge which consists in collecting the green orbs in the allotted time.

Then use the elevator at the bottom and activate the book to make the first tower functional.

2- The tower to the east

You must have completed the “Lost in the Sands” quest from the “The Golden Sleep” questline. 

Teleport to the right of the Temple of Khemenu and drop down into the ruins.

At the end of the corridor, you will find a challenge similar to the first tower.

Once at the top, take the chest and then the elevator. All you have to do is activate it.

3- The tower to the West

Teleport all the way west of the map and dive into the abyss. Then go under the statue.

In the recess, directly on your left, take the cone and place it on the replicator stone located just after.

An Ember Carrier will be spawned. You will have to take him to the torch and that, through several bases that will allow you to save his position. Watch out for fans that will make it disappear.

Once done, take the updraft which is now active.

At the top, in order to continue, you must use the Anemo element in order to reveal the cone hidden by a pile of sand. By placing the cone on the replicator stone and activating the mechanism, an opening in the wall will appear. Go through there.

Take the pyramid on the way and jump into the hole next to it to continue.

You will finally arrive in the last room with the challenge. During this one, you can take the crown which allows you to temporarily make the walls visible and will help you find your way.

End of the first part !

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