April 15, 2024


Hygiene is one of the fundamental aspects that we have to take into account in Cult of the Lamb in order to manage our Sect and our Adepts, since if we neglect this aspect, it is highly likely that they will get sick , something that can cause us many problems. if we don’t know how to act on it.

And I’ll tell you in advance that no matter how much you take care of the hygiene of your camp… sooner or later you will have to deal with the illnesses of your followers since when you enter Deep Anchor (the third zone of the game) you will have Kallamar bothering you by making them sick.

So nothing, let’s go with all the methods we have to fight diseases in Cult of the Lamb, but first I’ll clarify a little thing.


Well, easy, these could infect the other Adepts , which leads to more Adepts who can infect others… and well, given the situation we’ve been experiencing lately, I think you can get an idea of ​​how problematic it can be. this.

You can easily detect which Adepts are sick first because they will have a kind of icon on their heads with an icon like a virus and second because they will also have a very bad face, as if they have a lot of nausea.

And why is it important to treat them quickly? Well basically (how exploitative this is going to sound, but we’re talking about Cult of the Lamb) because a sick Adept is an Adept who doesn’t work and for obvious reasons you don’t want that.


Sick Adept in Cult of the Lamb

The simplest way and also the cheapest, but of course not the most efficient, we will mention that below… but let’s get down to business.

Basically you have to send them to bed and there they will gradually recover ; It is not the best method because it will take a while for them to get well, but of course it is a lot more than letting them loose around when they are sick because they could infect others and on top of that when they are sick they tend to… spread certain body fluids and solids around (quite more than usual, come on) that if you are not attentive to clean them, it could lead to more sick Adepts, a bummer come on.

They usually go to bed themselves when they’re sick, but make sure they do anyway. If this is not the case, go to your Adept and look in the command menu for the one to send him to rest.


The best method without a doubt, but… also the most expensive. Basically we will need the Infirmary, which is one of the buildings that we can unlock with the Divine Inspiration generated by our Adepts (which I also highly recommend you unlock).

To unlock it you will have to go to the Divine Inspiration skill tree (the statue) and follow the next path: Sleeping Bags, Shelter and Infirmary.

You must take into account several things for this building:

  • You can only have 1 in your entire sect. Thing that really does not matter a bit for its operation, now I explain.
  • To treat a sick Adept you will have to use 15 units of Camellia (10 in case you have Infirmary II, the improved one), which is a flower that we can easily find in the Dark Forest (first area of ​​Cult of the Lamb) and that it can also be cultivated so it is easy to gather many. If you don’t know how crops work in Cult of the Lamb, I recommend you read this post on how to get a lot of food in the game.

You will have to access the Infirmary and there select the Adept you want to heal; The best thing about this is that you will heal him instantly so that he can get back to his tasks, so I emphasize that it is the best method we have unless you are a total cafre, then keep reading.


Burying an Adept

It’s a pretty radical solution, but since we’re talking about Cult of the Lamb… well, that’s a solution after all… I don’t recommend it too much, especially because you’d lose an Adept , but I guess that’s a pretty simple option. to avoid contagion and well, it depends on what kind of sect leader you are, surely there will be someone who is so beast with these things…. Poor Adepts, I have mine super well taken care of, for the record.

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