April 16, 2024


Anura is the second combat zone that we can access in Cult of the Lamb and the truth is that the increase in difficulty is already becoming more noticeable; After all, we were in the first one and well, it is normal for things to start easy.

And to start with this second zone I bring you the guide with the 3 mini-bosses that we will have to defeat before being able to face the final boss of it (the heretic), just as I did in the Dark Forest Mini-Bosses post (which is the first area of ​​the game).

First of all remember that to unlock the Anura zone you will have to have at least 7 followers . If you don’t have them you can go back to Dark Forest, in fact if you do you will realize that the boss will be a new one called Agares and that the area will be complicated.


Gusion en Cult of the Lamb

These are Gusion’s attacks:

  • Jump : He will do it constantly, in fact this is how he moves. It will jump and when it falls to the ground it will deal damage in a very small area, but an area nonetheless. You will have to be careful not to be close to where your jump ends to avoid damage.
  • Fireballs : It will launch fireballs forward that we must dodge. When he does this attack he goes blank, so it’s easy to spot to quickly get away.
  • Eggs : It will spit an egg that we can break (you will have to be very fast) since otherwise 2 enemy mini-frogs will appear on the field. Try to destroy the egg before the frogs come out, but I’m telling you that most of the time it won’t give you time.

It’s best to hit him right after he lands from one of his jumps ; give him a hit or two (depending on the speed of your weapon) and move away. Be very careful when it turns white to get away and we have already discussed the issue of eliminating eggs. Little more to say, very simple.


Eligos in Cult of the Lamb

His attacks:

  • Flies : From time to time it will summon a herd of many flies that you will have to eliminate so that they do not bother you. They fall at once, but they are many; ideal if you have area attacks or a weapon with good range.
  • Simple Charge : A very basic charge, roll dash to dodge it. Sometimes at the end of the charge it will launch a few fireballs.
  • Fiery Charge : A much more powerful charge. It will travel much more distance (from one side of the screen to the other) and will also create 2 paths of fireballs on its sides that we will have to dodge by dashing through them since otherwise we will receive damage.

The most important thing is to get rid of the flies as soon as they appear. For the rest, you can attack him between one attack and another and move away every few hits so as not to eat the charges. The Fiery Charge, although it is a bit intimidating at first, is really very easy to dodge.


Zepar en Cult of the Lamb


  • Leap : Like Gusion’s, only this one has a larger area of ​​effect at the end of the jump.
  • Spits : It will launch projectiles from its mouth in different patterns. But nothing, as usual, on the ground marks the impact zones, it will be enough to move away from them and that’s it.
  • Summon Compis : It will summon various mini-frogs that we must defeat quickly so that they do not bother us since otherwise things can be quite complicated.

Zepar is a boss very similar to Gusion, we could say that it is an improved version of it and the truth is that if you don’t know the trick, it can cost a bit. First priority kill froglets; having this clear… the key is to give him a single hit just when he falls to the ground after a jump and get away quickly, do this with each jump he makes and you will see how with a little patience he falls easily.

And that’s it! What did you think of Anura’s mini bosses in  Cult of the Lamb ? Which do you think is the most complicated of the 3? Have you discovered a better way to end any of them? Leave your comment!

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