April 14, 2024


Shamura is the fourth heretic of Cult of the Lamb and to be between several quotes “the last” the truth is that I expected much worse, in fact I killed him at first without many complications.

And I think that with Kallamar we hit what would be the ceiling in terms of difficulty (yes, go to know the final boss, I understand that it will be quite difficult, I’m not going for him at all). In fact Shamura is quite similar to this one, so defeating him shouldn’t cost you since I consider that they have a similar difficulty but with the undeniable fact that you will be a little more prepared for this one and it shows.

Total, let’s go as always with your complete guide.


To face Shamura you will have to defeat all the Minibosses of Cuna de Seda (I already made your guide, I link it to you) and after this complete another run in Cuna de Seda. Just reminding you that Silk Cradle is the fourth area of ​​Cult of the Lamb, the one you should do after defeating Kallamar and Astaroth .

As you well know, the final bosses of the zone usually bother you between the runs, in this case be careful because Shamura will summon your Adepts but having brainwashed them to attack you. It’s a pain because you will have to kill them yes or yes and you will lose a few with the nonsense, so you better be well supplied with these.


Let’s start by looking at his attacks and below as always some tips for the battle:


These are Shamura’s attacks:

  • Charge Hit : It’s like what Kallamar did, he will quickly approach us and when he has us close he will hit. You wait for him to get close to you and when he’s about to attack you do a dash to avoid him, then another dash to return to him and hit him one or two times.
  • Vomit Bombs : It will begin to expel a lot of bombs through its mouth, the place where they will fall will appear marked on the ground in red and therefore avoiding them is simple. Very good time to give him a few beatings if for whatever reason you are lucky and no bomb falls near him, you try to hit him anyway.
  • Cobwebjump : It will leave the screen using a spider web and after a short time it will plummet to the ground hitting the position where you are. You will have to be in continuous movement and do a dash when you see it fall.
  • Summon Sync Pairs : Doesn’t do this very often, but will occasionally summon big spiders; You will have to deal with them while you also deal with the boss because they bother you a lot. The curses come in handy to finish them quickly and if you catch the boss too, then better.
  • Jump Balls : It will jump and when it falls it will launch balls in all directions; simply knowing how it works you will easily dodge it, your thing is to get away to have more reaction time.


Little to say about it because I have gotten quite involved in the section of his attacks and in the end I think I have covered everything in that section. That said, he is not a complicated boss compared to what we have already seen and taking into account that at this point our goat is already quite doped.

If you can’t defeat it, it’s probably more because you had bad luck with the run drops than anything else.

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