April 16, 2024
Scorn: Act 1 - Solve sliding puzzles and open door

Scorn: Act 1 – Solve sliding puzzles and open door

In this puzzle guide to Act 1 of Scorn you will learn:

  • How to solve the sliding puzzle in Scorn Act 1
  • As you open the door with the two consoles …
  • …and let your helper survive or die

Right at the beginning of Scorn Act 1 you are faced with a tricky puzzle that you can solve in different ways . We’ll guide you step by step through the first major area of ​​the horror adventure and show you two ways of getting out of it.

Scorn: Act 1 – Entrance to the Hall

The first big puzzle of the first act starts immediately after the start of the game. Turn left and follow the corridor until you come to a broken door . Your character just squeezes through before it falls behind you. You’ll find yourself in a locked room with a vending machine, a control panel, and a locked door.

Go left to the vending machine and put your hand in it. He gives you a kind of multi-tool that you can use to extend a spike and operate control consoles. Go to the contraption in the middle of the room, put your hand in it and control it.

Open the hooks on the sides of the door and move the sliding mechanism from left to right to open it. If you leave the console, the gate slowly closes. So you have to sprint through it quickly.

Scorn: Act 1 – Door with two control panels

Follow the rail system to the left and you’ll pass a control panel and grappling hook before arriving at a closed door. To open them, both control consoles must be operated in parallel . You need a helper and finding one is your goal in this section.

Step 1: Solve the sliding puzzle and move the cocoon down

Follow the corridor to the right in front of the door and you will reach a scraper that you can activate on the small console. On the larger console behind you move a gripper arm that can insert something into the scraper. But there is nothing yet. First climb into the elevator next to it and follow the corridor to the next control panel. With this you operate a kind of gigantic storage rack including a crane that is set up on the wall in front of you.

The crane initially reaches into the void. Go to the console on the right and use it to move the cocoons. The goal is to maneuver the two glowing cocoons, one after the other, into the spot at the top left that the crane can reach . While the single luminous cocoon is quickly pushed up, it gets a little trickier with the double.

The double cocoon requires more space. Distribute the single cocoons to the far left and far right. After that you can park the glowing double cocoon in the lower middle alcove and slide the horizontal double cocoons over it to the right. Now you have enough space to maneuver the glowing double cocoon in a zigzag to the top left. Activate the crane and the cocoon will be brought down. In the following video you can see the sliding maneuvers in detail.

Step 2: Kill Cocoon Guy or Keep Alive?

Enter the tower in the middle of the hall and you will get access to the points of the rail system . You now have two options for maneuvering the chassis. You either kill the guy in the cocoon or let him live.

  • Kill Cocoon Guy: If you don’t care about the fate of the little guy in the cocoon, you must promote him to the Scraper. To do this, close the switch at the bottom left and open the one next to it, as shown in the following screenshot. Once you have set the course, use the crane to place the cocoon in the undercarriage. Move it to the room with the scraper and use it there. One arm remains.
  • Let the cocoon guy live: Pull the switches on the bottom right and left up and leave the switch on the top right open. This will take you past the scraper and into a side room in the upper corridors. Use the control console there and the little guy will be “freed” somewhat roughly from his cocoon.

Step 3: Open the door

Depending on whether you let the cocoon guy live or die , the next step changes a little bit.

Cocoon guy is dead

Only one arm remains of the little guy in the scraper. Run back to the door and follow the left corridor. At the junction you will see a machine on the left that is similar to the one that gave you the multifunctional spike. Shove the arm in and he gets the same tool. Return to the door and slide the arm into the left control panel. Then use the right console to open the gate.

Cocoon guy is alive

The little guy is now sitting in the device. Get him out and lure him to the contraption in the corridor . Keep approaching him and he will slowly follow you. Put his hand in the device and he’ll get the same spike as you. Then go with him to the door and put his hand in the left control panel. Open the door with the right console.

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