April 14, 2024
Scorn: Act 5 - Solve Fetus Puzzles & Defeat Boss

Scorn: Act 5 – Solve Fetus Puzzles & Defeat Boss

In this Act 5 of Scorn puzzle guide you will learn:

  • What the goal is in Act 5
  • How to solve the fetus puzzle
  • How to survive the boss fights
  • How you end Scorn

Act 5 of Scorn marks the finale of the gross body horror adventure . You must insert several vicious fetuses into some kind of biomechanical robot and then defeat it. In this guide we will take you through the finale of Scorn.

Solve fetus puzzles in Act 5 of Scorn

Run from the train into the building and in the hall with the corpses laid out go through the door on the left. Exit the stairs via the door on the right and step onto the platform in the middle. Take the container from the console and enter the corridor in front of you. Place the container in the contraption and a door will open.

In the hall there is a niche on the right where you can fill up your ammo and medi-kit. You will also find two containers on a pedestal that contain fetuses. Place one of these in the half-man, half-machine contraption opposite and shoot the fetus as soon as the container opens. Take the corpse and a new body will be brought out with a crane.

Exit the hall and return to the vending machine with the container. Deploy the corpse. Take the filled container with you and go back to the main hall. Place the container back into the console you took it from. Repeat the process with the second fetus. But this time you don’t manage to shoot the fetus in time and the being gets up.

First boss fight solved

Boss fight – phase 1

Hide behind the cages in the arena. The boss fires off three grenades several times, which fly towards you in a high arc. If they are in the air, immediately run to the side to avoid the resulting area damage. Repeats this until he kneels down and reloads . Immediately sprint behind him and fire into the glowing red spot on his flank. Repeat four times.

Boss fight – phase 2

The creature buckles briefly, but gets back up and pushes you aside after you inspect it. Shoot the glowing fetus in its midsection and keep your distance. In this phase, the boss moves much faster and takes up the pursuit . Keep moving and dodge his projectiles.

Use the cages as cover and run around them. Again, you have to wait for a reloading phase and immediately shoot in the middle of the body when it lights up red. The boss collapses again after the second hit, but stays put this time. Grab his gun and pick up the fetus.

Find next fetus

Bring the dead fetus back to the vending machine. Something goes wrong when you try to fill the container with it. Go back into the hall with the fetuses and open the gate on the right . Shoot a grenade between the two columns.

A grate descends to your left, revealing the path to the next boss . You can take some ammunition with you from one of the creatures crouching on the ground before you get another fetus from the base and use it with the next boss creature. This time there is a fight too.

Second boss fight in Scorn

Move back through the arena and dodge the grenades. When the boss reloads, approach him from behind. A lid opens at its back and a red light appears. Shoots a grenade into the backpack-like container. Once the creature is gone, take out some ammo and pick up the dead fetus.

How to get rid of the parasite in Act 5

Bring the fetus back to the vending machine and fill your container with it. Everything works this time. Go back into the arena and open the next gate. Again shoot a grenade between the pillars to open the grate. Behind it you will find a charging station for your medi-kit and a vending machine that you have to put your hand in to modify it. The outgrowths of the parasite have already severely deformed them and you can no longer use your fingers. Unlock the gate next to you with your key.

In front of you, a few gondolas move back and forth on a cable pull. Wait until the opposite side is in sight and fire a grenade to stop the cable pull. Behind it is a vending machine that you could use to modify your key if you still had a working hand. So run back and put your hand back into the machine. Now the fingers are free for a short time and you can modify the key.

If the hand has grown together again, put it in the machine again, cross the hall and use the key on the locked door. Then the parasite takes over your fingers again and you have to punch them free again . Sprint through the opened gate and interact with the large “medical” vehicle behind it. You are now rid of the parasite.

Complete Scorn

Hobble back into the hall and take the exit on the right. Open the gate with the control panel and march down the path. Keep left at the statue and go through the archway. Run up the path until you reach the tower. Inside you will find another hall with a docking station for your container. Use it and the construct will move up. Interact with the wheel and complete the game.

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