April 21, 2024
Scorn: Act 3 - Solve puzzles around yellow lights

Scorn: Act 3 – Solve puzzles around yellow lights

In this puzzle guide to Act 3 of Scorn you will learn:

  • How to get to the gondolas in Scorn
  • Where do you find the two keys?
  • How to solve the mystery of the yellow lights

In act 3, the horror adventure Scorn sends you into a huge facility in which you have to maneuver gondolas over several floors. You come across a switch console where you have to activate several yellow lights in a switch puzzle . In this guide, we’ll walk you through the puzzle.

How to get to the gondolas in Act 3 of Scorn

You’ll find yourself armed and with a key in your luggage in the starting area where you solved the first riddle in Act 1 of Scorn. Return to the very first door you saw at the start of the game and use the key to open it. Take the elevator and then follow the middle corridor. You will reach a contraption that will allow you to customize your key .

Return, take the left corridor and unlock the door. The area is covered with fleshy tendrils. Get the big fans running and they’ll cut the vines in half. This creates a creature that attacks you. From now on you will meet these little monsters regularly. The trick is to avoid fighting them if possible . Run and hide. They don’t follow you for long and often disappear back into the wall. You finally reach a hall where you have to maneuver several gondolas.

Retrieve lost gondola

Activate the first gondola and ride to the first stop. When you try to free the next gondola from the vines, it falls and you have to find a replacement. Follow the corridor down to the left – Beware : Monsters – and then go right twice. You will reach a platform with a crane and two control consoles.

Follow the bridge and you’ll find another control panel, which you use to launch a gondola up through a pile of fleshy vines . Keep right at the next fork in the road and you will reach the next control panel. Take the path to the right to the Medi-Kit charging station, keep going and turn right in the hall with the gondola. Go straight ahead by the two monsters and turn right. At the top you will meet monsters again and reach the next control console, which you use to bring the gondola up a little further.

Correctly turn yellow lights in Act 3 of Scorn

Next you will come to a control panel with three holes . There’s some kind of key in one of them. You must get the other two. Turn the first key and you start the gondola opposite. Run through her once she gets to your level and you’ll reach a room with two contraptions that will give you a pistol and ammo.

At the next console you have to solve the puzzle with the yellow lights . You see three interconnected switches that look like ratchets. You can select the three heads and, depending on their position, turn them or move their handles. Always selects the respective head to perform an action. If you put the switches in the right position, all the yellow lights will light up at the same time.

Solve the first light puzzle

  1. Move the middle head’s handle into the right head to make the middle glow.
  2. Rotate the head in the top left until it glows.
  3. Move the middle head’s handle to the left head and the link above will open.
  4. Rotate the right head until it glows.
  5. Move the middle head’s grip to the right head.
  6. Turn right head four times.
  7. Moves the middle head’s handle into the left head.
  8. Rotate the right head until it glows.
  9. Move the middle head’s handle into the bottom head and all four heads will glow yellow.

The device goes down one floor and you get a key. Run it back to the three hole console and place it in the middle. Return again, but this time don’t run through the gondola, but stay in it and it will take you down. There you will find the device with the glow puzzle.

Solve the second light puzzle

  1. Moves the handle of the lower head into the upper head.
  2. Rotate the left head until it glows.
  3. Move the upper head handle to 12 o’clock.
  4. Move the bottom head’s handle into the right head.
  5. Turn right head five times.
  6. Moves the handle of the lower head into the upper head.
  7. Rotate the right head until it glows.
  8. Move the bottom circle’s handle to six o’clock and all the heads will glow yellow.

Run back to the control panel and use the second key. Take the gondola down two stations, activate the crane and it will hoist the gondola onto a track. Follow her to the next platform. From there you can move them to more stations until you reach the path to the next section.

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