April 16, 2024
Disney Dreamlight Valley: Cooking dishes with sugar - solution

Disney Dreamlight Valley: Cooking dishes with sugar – solution

In our Disney Dreamlight Valley sugar guide, you’ll learn:

  • Where do you get sugar cane?
  • The simplest sugar dish
  • How to avoid the sugar bug in the villain starpath

The current Villain Starpath requires you to use sugarcane to cook dishes with sugar. However, this can lead to an annoying bug. We have all the information and the solution to the problem.

Where to find cane in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

You can buy Sugar Cane from Goofy’s Vendor on Shiny Beach . You can get both finished sugar cane and the right seeds there:

  • Sugarcane Seeds: 5 Star Coins
  • Sugar Cane: 29 Star Coins

We recommend that you buy and plant some  Sugarcane Seeds . It may take a little longer, but it saves you a lot of Star Coins – with the help of our Star Coins guide you can quickly get hold of the important currency.

The simplest dish with sugar

So that you don’t have to collect or buy too many ingredients for the dishes with sugar, it ‘s best to cook caramel apples on the stove. For caramel apples you need:

  • 1x apple
  • 1x cane

Plant a bed full of sugar cane and regularly pick the apples from the trees on the main square . This is how you complete the sugar tasks in no time.

What to do if my sugar dishes don’t count towards the task?

One of the quests from Villain Starpath is: Cook 20 dishes with sugar . Having the problem that your dishes with sugar don’t count for the task? This appears to be an error.

Instead of sugar you have to use corn . So just throw a corn in the pot to cook grilled veggies. Any dish with corn should count for this task.

Attention: The task “ Cook 25 dishes with sugar. ” works as described. Here you can use the recipe for the caramel apples.

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