April 21, 2024
Disney Dreamlight Valley: Finding Worms

Disney Dreamlight Valley: Finding Worms

In our Disney Dreamlight Valley Worms Guide, you ‘ll learn:

  • Where to find worms in Disney Dreamlight Valley
  • What tools do you need for this
  • How to complete the Bury the Eel quest

In the quest “Bury the Eel” Maui gives you the task of finding worms to craft a fish trap. So that you don’t have to search long, we’ll tell you the localities for worms.

Where to find worms in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

You have to dig worms out of the ground with your shovel. However, this is not the case everywhere. Head to the Tranquil Meadow and look for glowing holes near the small ponds in the area.

When digging up the glowing holes, you have a chance to find worms . Attention: You won’t find a worm in every hole.

Gather softwood, make trap & complete quest

Once you have found three worms, you still have to collect eight softwoods. The wood is scattered all over the Peaceful Meadow. Once you have everything together, you can use the materials at a workbench to craft a creel (fish trap) that you need to attract an eel. Then follow the other quest steps to catch an eel and finally bury it.

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