April 16, 2024
Valkyrie Elysium: The 5 best tips & tricks

Valkyrie Elysium: The 5 best tips & tricks

In the tips guide to Valkyrie Elysium you will learn:

  • Which weapons you should upgrade
  • How to unlock new Einherier skills
  • Why you should examine every corner

Valkyrie Elysium is the first action RPG in the cult series. The latest work impresses with fast-paced fights and bombastic effects. In the guide we explain important game mechanics and give you the best tips.

Fight with different weapon types

In Valkyrie Elysium there are many different weapons that you use against the undead. The Valkyrie can always have two weapons equipped at the same time, between which you can switch at any time with the push of a button.

Each weapon type has its own moveset . Spears can hit multiple enemies at once and are useful for fighting against groups. A rapier, on the other hand, is fast and agile, so it can be used very effectively against individual opponents or bosses.

In addition to the weapon type, you should consider the element of the weapon . Every opponent has an elemental weakness. Therefore, always equip yourself with weapons that cause different elemental damage.

How do I upgrade my weapon?

In each level you will find so-called storage camps: large crystals that serve as checkpoints and storage points. If you interact with a crystal, you have the opportunity to improve your weapon.

To upgrade a weapon, you need Yellow Souls and various jewels . The more you progress in the game, the rarer the jewels you find in the areas. Upgraded weapons are more powerful and you unlock new moves and attacks.

Exploits opponents’ weaknesses

elemental weaknesses

Each enemy has an elemental weakness and an element bar . The item bar is displayed to the left of the life bar. Between the bars, an icon indicates which element the opponent is vulnerable to.

Elemental Destruction

When their opponent attacks with elements they are vulnerable to, the element bar will be filled up. Once the gauge is completely filled, the enemy enters the Elemental Destruction state and becomes temporarily incapacitated .

Boss monsters that are in the Elemental Destruction state can be incapacitated for a longer period of time. For this you have to attack the boss with a “ Divine Art ” of the appropriate element.

Weaknesses of large opponents

Larger opponents, such as dragons, have special weaknesses . If the weak point is hit enough times, it breaks and the monster is disabled for a short period of time.

Tips for exploring the game world

At first glance, the levels in Valkyrie Elysium seem pretty boring. The lanes and paths seem to follow a linear path that repeatedly confronts you with smaller groups of enemies.

Away from the paths you will find smaller alleys and junctions that often lead to unexpected rewards. Hidden chests provide you with rare jewels and new side quests can also be found in this way.

If you want to grab the trophies, you also have to find all the hidden hollow flowers . Look for blue anchor points to drag your soul chain to.

Which upgrades are worthwhile in the beginning?

Gems are not only needed for weapon upgrades, but also to improve your Valkyrie. Switch to the Valkyrie tab in the character menu to learn new skills.

Active skills are new moves or attacks that you actively control. Passive skills are always effective and, for example, strengthen your defenses or increase general damage with weapons and magic.

The skill tree is divided into attack, defense and help. We recommend that you invest in “Help” at the beginning and unlock the double jump as soon as possible. You should then learn new attack and defense skills alike.

Keep an eye on the KP cost

Each skill costs you KP (combat points). When equipping skills, the amount of HP consumed must be below the cap. Learned skills can be activated and deactivated in the Valkyrie’s menu under “ Acquired Skills ”.

Improving Einherier – that’s how it works

Einherier are deceased warriors placed in the service of the Valkyrie. In battle, you can summon einheriers to assist you for a short period of time. Each Einherier fights with a different element and possesses unique skills .

During the course of the game, Einherier can complete special side quests that unlock new attacks and maneuvers for their companions.

If you linger in Valhalla between missions, look out for a dialog icon on the map . Follow the icon until you find your companion and interact with it. After a short conversation you will unlock a special side quest.

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