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Medieval Dynasty: Tips & Tricks in the Ultimate Guide

Medieval Dynasty: Tips & Tricks in the Ultimate Guide

In our Medieval Dynasty Guide you will learn:

  • What are the best tips & tricks for the medieval game
  • How to take the first steps
  • How to increase your reputation
  • How to earn gold in Medieval Dynasty

Medieval Dynasty is a genre mix of building strategy and simulation game with role-playing elements and survival gameplay . In the huge open world you must craft, hunt and earn money to ensure the survival of your dynasty. So that you don’t lose track of the many possibilities, we’ll tell you the best Medieval Dynasty tips in our guide.

Medieval Dynasty Guide: Where to build the first house

Medieval Dynasty combines the most popular gameplay elements of different genres. As in Fallout 76 you need a shelter and must ensure the survival of your character. At the same time, you are responsible for building a city and keeping its residents happy, like in Anno 1800.

You lay the foundation for your medieval city with your first house in Medieval Dynasty . First, go to the nearby town of Gostovia and speak with Castellan Uniegost to start the main quest. He will give you a piece of land so that you can start a new life. Now it’s up to you to find a suitable location. You can find out how to do this in our guide to the buildings in Medieval Dynasty.

Medieval Dynasty survival tips

Medieval Dynasty is also a survival game . You have to constantly keep an eye on hunger (yellow bar) and thirst (blue bar) if you don’t want to go to the dogs. If your health is weak (red bar), then regenerate yourself with nightly sleep. On the way you heal yourself best with plantain , which you can recognize by its brown, elongated flowers.

In addition, you must eat regularly. Avoid eating raw meat or poisonous mushrooms. Otherwise you will sooner or later get food poisoning, which ends fatally in the Middle Ages. Unless you have the yellow flowering St. John’s Wort with you – it cures your poisoning in Medieval Dynasty and can also be monetized at the merchant.

Survival tip : In winter you won’t find broad-leaved plantain or St. John’s wort. So stock up!

You prepare meat at the campfire in your hut or at the stove in a tavern. Aim directly at the embers when roasting meat in taverns. If you select the cooking pot instead, you will only see dishes that require additional ingredients to produce.

Get drinking skin in Medieval Dynasty

Initially you quench your thirst in rivers, lakes or streams – there is no risk of poisoning! Get a drinking skin as soon as possible , which you fill with four water rations. This allows you to drink away from the water and you are more flexible. You can get a drinking tube in several ways:

For one, you can craft it. You can do that in the hunting lodge, you need four leather and two linen threads for the drinking skin . On the other hand, you can also buy or steal it from various dealers in the villages. However, the latter reduces your reputation, so you should avoid that.

How to sleep properly in Medieval Dynasty

Of course, in order to be successful in Medieval Dynasty, your character must also sleep. With this you skip the night and can start directly with the next day. Since the night usually offers no added value for you and it gets really dark, you should always use this function. There are two ways you can sleep in survival game:

  • In your own bed
  • At the campfire

The first option is the safest and most comfortable. Since you get a place to sleep when you build your first house, you can put your weary bones to rest here. However, this is only possible from 7 p.m. of the respective day.

If your house is too far away, you can sleep in the wilderness. For this you need a campfire that you can craft. However, it is dangerous to sleep outside as animals such as bears or bandits roam the wilderness.

Earning gold in the Middle Ages

Everything is expensive in Medieval Dynasty! Use this to your advantage by starting crafting and selling axes and knives as early as possible. Furthermore, collecting berries and mushrooms is extremely lucrative to create a financial cushion for emergencies. We recommend devoting one out of every three days of each season exclusively to gathering.

Depending on the season, you collect the following goods:

  • In the spring you will find some mushrooms and take especially morels with you . If you have big money problems, you can also collect unripe berries and sell them to the merchant.
  • Better save the berries for the summer . Because now they are edible and satisfy your hunger and thirst. Furthermore, you can easily collect a few hundred berries per hour and can sell the fruits for 1 gold each.
  • In autumn you can find a variety of mushrooms, especially Parasol. However, look at each collected specimen in inventory to find out if the mushroom is poisonous or edible. In the best case, the hunting season was successful, so that your meat supplies get you through the winter and you turn the mushrooms into gold at the next dealer.
  • Winter is the enemy of the collector . In the cold season you won’t find anything useful in the open world of Medieval Dynasty. If necessary, you can buy food in the next tavern. Otherwise your only option is to hunt.

Tips and Tricks: Learn the Survival Skills skill as soon as possible . This will highlight collectible plants when you press the Alt key.

Hunting tips and tricks

At the very latest, when the first frosty nights are approaching, you should go hunting to stock up on leather for warm clothing and food supplies for the winter . Keep these Medieval Dynasty tips and tricks in mind so you don’t go home empty-handed.

First, learn the Tracker skill. This will show you peaceful and hostile animals in the vicinity when you press the Alt key. Note, however, that using the ability drains your stamina and only uses it selectively.

Whether you’re using arrows or spears, always make sure their health is at least 66 percent. Because otherwise they break when hit. If you hit an animal on the body, it will usually flee. The blood trail follows her with the tracker ability.

In order to skin the loot you’ve killed on the spot, you need a knife in your inventory . In the following we tell you which animals you can hunt in Medieval Dynasty and what you have to consider:


You can spot rabbits especially in autumn, when they can’t hide in tall grass or bushes. The easiest way to catch them is with a bow . Use the CTRL key (STRG) to stalk the rodents to within a few meters before firing the fatal shot.

Bonus tip: If you don’t have a bow handy or don’t feel like hunting, craft rabbit traps. Place the trap and make sure you leave the area for a few hours. If you come back, you will find a rabbit in the trap. You can set each trap three times before it needs repairing.


The fox hunt works in the same way as the rabbit hunt. However, foxes are more recognizable because of their color and sound. Since they move quickly and unpredictably , you should already have some hunting experience to avoid wasting too much ammo.


If you have enough spears in your inventory and are accurate, you can dare to tackle the next larger animals. Watch your cover and sneak up carefully to land a headshot with the spear . If you hit game on the body, the victims flee in leaps and bounds and you can expect a longer chase.

Wolves, boars, bears

They are aggressive and will attack you. If you don’t have enough arrows or spears in your luggage, you will quickly become the hunted yourself. Usually you have to land two headshots with the spear to kill an aggressive animal. For this you can get up to ten pieces of meat, leather and fur as prey for a bear.

What do I have to consider when crafting?

You can produce simple items such as traps or tools at any time on the go. The Q button takes you to the crafting menu . Hover over the desired item to learn what materials are needed to craft it.

Once you want to craft advanced items in Medieval Dynasty, you must construct the associated buildings. To do this, you are forced to improve your crafting ability. You can do this without any effort by crafting simple objects such as hammers, knives, axes or spears .

The main crafting material in Medieval Dynasty is wood. The following applies: A tree is not just a tree! Maple trees bring you four trunks and few branches, so you fell them especially for larger construction projects. From a pine you get three trunks, but more branches. You can find birches almost everywhere, but they only bring two trunks.

Crafting Tip : Use five branches and two stones each to craft stone knives and sell them whenever you come across a merchant.

Find, grow and buy flax

Flax is a cornerstone for many products, as the linen threads that you need for a drinking tube, for example, are obtained from it. We’ll tell you where to find flax in Medieval Dynasty , how to grow the plant, and which merchants sell flax.

Find flax in the open world

Flax is a cultivated plant and therefore does not occur in the wild. Consequently, if you want to gather flax, you have to search for fields. Alternatively, you can steal flax from a village, but this will damage your reputation with the villagers. Better: you can grow your own flax in Medieval Dynasty so you never run out of supplies.

How to grow flax in Medieval Dynasty

If you want to harvest flax in Medieval Dynasty , you must grow flaxseed. It is best to buy the seed for 20 gold from the merchant Lubomira, who you can meet north of the city of Branica. Flax seeds are sown with a bag in the spring and harvested with a scythe in the summer.

You then have to process the flax into stalks of flax . This can be done in the barn where the flax is threshed. Flax stalks are then formed from this. Then you bring the stalks to a sewing room, where they are processed into linen threads.

Bonus tip: If you make stalks of flax, you will also get flax seeds when you thresh them, which you can use to grow flax again. You win 1 linseed and 1 stalk of flax from a flax.

Buy Flax from the Merchant

If the production is too difficult for you, you can simply buy flax from the trader. The best way to do this is to visit the merchant Lubomira, north of Branica . She sells you 1 flax for 20 gold. You can also find Flax at the following Medieval Dynasty vendors:

  • Matylda in Venica : Flax (20 gold), Flax (10 gold), Linen Thread (100 gold)
  • Uniegost in Gostovia : Flax (20 gold), Flax (10 gold), Linen Thread (100 gold)
  • Karolina in Hornica : Flax (20 gold), Flax Stalk (10 gold), Linen Thread (100 gold), Linen Weave (160 gold)

What do I have to consider when farming?

In order to unlock the food store, you must first level up your farming skills . The best way to do this is to create a few uncultivated fields near your hut. To do this, open the construction menu and switch to the farming tab. You are free to choose the size of the cultivation area. We recommend a size of 6×8 fields, with which an NPC farmer is busy all season.

To cultivate the fields, craft a hoe, a bag and a scythe. Also buy fertilizer and seeds from the nearest merchant. Then you proceed as follows:

  1. Distribute the fertilizer with the bag
  2. Plows the field with the hoe
  3. Scatters the seed by hand
  4. Wait until next season to gather the harvest

Make sure you sow the right seeds at the right time of year:

carrotsspring / winterautumn / summer
WheatSpring autumnautumn / summer
cabbageSpring SummerSummer autumn

How do I increase my reputation in Medieval Dynasty?

You need a good dynasty reputation to unlock new buildings and recruit settlers. It increases by completing main and side quests. Focus on the main quests initially to increase reputation and save the side quests for later.

Caution : You can also lose your hard-earned reputation. This happens when you get caught stealing, for example, or side quests fail.

Finding the Owl – Uniegost’s missions

In addition to the survival aspect and building your own village, you will also experience various quest series in Medieval Dynasty. You will receive one of these upon your arrival from Uniegost, the castellan. This tells you the background story of the valley in the form of a quest and sends you to the different corners and villages in the process. One mission stands out: You are sent to Sambor and have to find an owl for him.

Quest Solution : It’s not the night bird you need to find. It’s actually a man who is behind Sambor’s house on the hill. Talk to him and find out the secret of the owl. Then you return to Sambor.

More Medieval Dynasty tips and tricks for beginners

Finally, we will tell you the best 4 Medieval Dynasty tips and tricks that we would have liked to have known before getting started:

  • Don’t just collect everything you find. Otherwise you’ll be overloaded after a short time and won’t be able to move. Instead, start with the main quest and build your first house. Only after you own a resource storage do you start collecting.
  • Talk to Alwyn in Gostovia and follow his quest line. The side quest is the easiest way to get a longbow in Medieval Dynasty . Provided you defeat him in two matches. Deal with the hunt beforehand to be well prepared.
  • If you complete the wolf quest northeast of Borowo, you will come across a small lake. There a small path branches off the main road (hole in the roadside fence). After a few steps you will find a water hose on a broken wagon . Search the surrounding area to pick up three Iron Arrows and a Coif.
  • Spears are your best friends in Medieval Dynasty. You make them with just one tribe in the crafting menu. Always have at least five spears in your inventory in case you encounter an aggressive animal.

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