April 21, 2024
Medieval Dynasty: Guide to Workers & Villagers

Medieval Dynasty: Guide to Workers & Villagers

Medieval Dynasty is not only about survival, but also about building your own village in a peaceful valley. However, a village does not only consist of houses and production buildings. You also need villagers to fill it with life. In this guide you will learn:

  • How you get workers
  • What work they can do
  • How to keep your villagers happy

In order for you to be able to recruit villagers, you need a functioning infrastructure. 

This is how you recruit villagers

As soon as the first buildings of your new village are in place, you have a well-stocked food store and a material store stocked with firewood, you can recruit the first villagers . You can find potential villagers in other villages. Your new settlers sit around a campfire, waiting for you to recruit them. All you have to do is talk to them and choose the appropriate conversation option . They are already on their way to your village.

basic needs of your villagers

In order for your villagers to work as efficiently as possible and enjoy living in your village, you need to keep an eye on their happiness . Otherwise, they will gradually become unhappier and may even leave the settlement. You must meet these basic needs:

  • sleeping places
  • food and water
  • firewood

You create sleeping places automatically as soon as you complete houses. The houses also have a direct impact on the happiness of your villagers. The higher the level of the house , the happier the residents will be. That’s why it’s advisable to go directly to houses with wooden walls instead of building the small booths with wicker walls and upgrading later.

At the beginning you produce food with the help of the hunting lodge and fields. You can either provide water from a well or you can build your settlement right next to a body of water that the villagers can use.

Additionally, they need enough firewood to heat their homes. This resource becomes immensely important, especially in winter, since the consumption of firewood doubles here. In addition, the villagers’ automatic wood production takes a lot of work off your hands.

What can my villagers do?

Of course, the space in your village is not given for free – the new villagers also have to work. To do this, you must assign them to the various production buildings . These have different numbers of jobs and of course also produce different goods. For example, you can use a woodshed to produce wood and firewood, while a hunting lodge provides your village with meat and leather.

Especially at the beginning of the game, when you still have a few villagers, you should focus on the essential resources: food, water and wood. If you manage to optimize the production chains and fill your warehouses with these resources, you then devote yourself to other construction projects.

Why aren’t my workers working?

Your new villagers have arrived in your village, have their own houses and are well fed. In addition, you have assigned them to a job – but your workers are still not working ?

In order to chop wood and cultivate fields, they need the right tools . So you have to provide them with an axe, pickaxe and shovel. You either produce the tools yourself or have them made in the workshop. In order for the workers to have access to them, you put them in the chests of the individual production buildings. Now everything should work smoothly.

Increases the efficiency of your workers

Practice makes perfect – also in Medieval Dynasty. Workers gain experience as they practice a trade. Once they gain enough experience, they level up and become more efficient at crafting. You can climb up to 10 levels this way.

By the way, each villager already has his or her own skills before he or she comes to your village. So you should use them where their strengths lie and try to leave the villagers with a job. You can view villager skills by holding down the Alt key and focusing on the worker. You can even do this before recruiting – so you can search specifically for workers with special skills .

Provision for the future: Children get in Medieval Dynasty

Children are an important part of your village life in Medieval Dynasty. On the one hand for you personally: In the event of your death or as soon as your legacy is old enough, you can continue playing as your own child . On the other hand for the growth of your village when your villagers have children.

NPCs only have children if a man and a woman live together in a house. These can then become a couple and have a child after three seasons. As soon as it is born, the mother will look after the child’s upbringing for two years – during this time she will not work. This can become problematic if the woman works in a critical profession (farmer or cattle breeder) and suddenly she is confronted with withered fields or dead animals. So let maternity leave flow into your planning from the start. You can also assign a man directly for essential jobs, since he will always be working.

In order to have children of your own, you must first get married. So you have to find a suitable bride first. This can either be a resident of the other villages or you can find your beloved among your villagers. However, there are a few restrictions: Your bride must be at least 18 years old and your age difference must not be greater than 10 years.

Once you have chosen a lady, you increase her affection towards you with the help of conversations and various gifts. Once the affection meter reaches 100, you can marry her. Then she moves into your house and you can decide to have children with her.

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