April 21, 2024
Disney Dreamlight Valley: Nature & Care Solution

Disney Dreamlight Valley: Nature & Care Solution

Simba’s evil Uncle Scar has returned to Dreamlight Valley with a new quest line. So that you can successfully complete “Nature & Care”, you can find out here:

  • How to start the quest
  • How you make root beer
  • Where you find fertile soil

Nature & Care: Explore Vitalys mines

To start the new quest, you must travel to the Sunny Plains in Disney Dreamlight Valley. At the elephant skull you will find a cave entrance. Enter the cave and you’ll meet Scar, Simba’s evil uncle from The Lion King.

The grumpy lion is not really friendly. Still, he needs your help. You are to explore the nearby Vitalys Mines and find out what is blocking the river. Because without the water, the area turns into a desolate wasteland.

You can find the entrance to the Vitalys Mines  at the mouth of the river on the Sunny Plains.

The mine offers many new ores and gems , as well as some chests with cosmetic items. You can also discover dried ginger, a recipe for “Root Beer” and “Tingly Candies” in the camp. You should also mine all ore deposits in the mine. The Vitalys Crystals found there will be needed later.

Once you have passed through the mine, you will discover that the night thorns are blocking the flow. A sign tells you that Root Beer can shrink them. So it’s time to make the delicious drink.

How do I make extra carbonated root beer?

Go to Merlin. He explains that you can use an “Extra Carbonated Root Beer” and the “Tingly Candies” to remove the night thorns.

Go to your kitchen and start cooking. It’s not enough to simply follow your root beer recipe. You need extra carbon dioxide . This is where dried ginger comes in.

Mix the following ingredients together to brew Extra Carbonated Root Beer :

  • Dried Ginger
  • Sugar Cane – You can get it from Goofy’s booth on Shiny Beach
  • Vanilla – grows on the Sunny Plains

Go back into the Vitalys Mine and throw the “Extra Carbonated Root Beer” and the “Tingly Candies” into the keg. You will see a short cutscene and the congestion will be cleared.

If you then leave the mine, oblivion awaits you, fleeing through a portal into the realm of shadows. Follow him and pick up the item the antagonist dropped. The next part of the quest line begins.

Miracle Elixir of Growth: Where can I find Fertile Soil?

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, you return the item you found to Merlin, who identifies the item as the “Orb of Care”. However, it lacks energy and it is now your task to make it grow.

For this you need to brew the “Miracle Growth Elixir” , which can accelerate growth to just three days. The following items are required:

  • 10 Vitalys Crystals
  • 10 Fertile Soil
  • 1,000 Dreamlight

You can find the Vitalys Crystals in the mine. You collect Dreamlight by completing certain tasks from the Tasks menu.

On the other hand, you get fertile soil when you harvest vegetables and grain. Unfortunately, it is left to chance whether the required resource drops. It will take you some time to collect ten clods of earth. It is best to get wheat seeds and plant them in sufficient quantities in your bed. They grow within a few minutes and can be harvested accordingly quickly.

When you have all the ingredients together, you make the elixir at a workbench. It will appear under the Potions and Enchantments category. After crafting, you can use it in your inventory.

Now you have to plant the “Orb of Nursing” near the pillar in the Sunny Plains. Remove the mushroom, dig a hole in that exact spot, insert the orb, and water once a day for three days.

On the third day the ball has grown and you can pick it up. Go back to Scar and talk to him about what happened. With that you have completed the quest “Nature & Care”.

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