April 21, 2024
Disney Dreamlight Valley: Find Seaweed

Disney Dreamlight Valley: Find Seaweed

In our Disney Dreamlight Valley seaweed guide, you’ll learn:

  • Where to find seaweed
  • Tips for farming seaweed

Where to find seaweed in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

You can use a fishing rod to fish seaweed out of the water in Disney Dreamlight Valley . This works on the sea at Shiny Beach as well as on rivers or ponds in all areas.

Tips for farming seaweed

Important : Don’t aim your fishing rod at the bubbles, you usually only get fish there. Instead, throw your hook in the water in calm spots.

In order to get seaweed as quickly as possible, you should take a companion with you when fishing that you have assigned fishing as a role to. This increases the chance that you will fish additional seaweed out of the water while fishing.

Bonus Tip : Seaweed can sometimes be washed up on the sand at Iridescent Beach.

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