April 15, 2024
Gotham Knights: Find all bugs in Penguin's office

Gotham Knights: Find all bugs in Penguin’s office

In the Gotham Knights Quest Guide you will learn:

  • How to solve the mission “The Rabbit Hole”.
  • Where to find all hidden bugs

Gotham Knights throws you into a dark open world with the goal of unraveling the mysteries behind the assassination of Batman. On your adventure you will meet some iconic characters from the Batman universe. In this guide we will tell you how to solve the second case file and get information from the penguin.

The rabbit hole: what is the mission about?

Oswald Cobblepot , better known as “The Penguin”, is well versed in Gotham’s underworld. Since you urgently need information, you make your way to question the penguin.

Arriving at his nightclub , you must first eliminate the security staff. After a short cutscene, the penguin indicates that he may be being spied on.

Before the penguin gives you the information you want, you should check his office for hidden bugs. In total you have to find three bugs before you can continue your mission.

Where can I find the bugs?

Bug #1 – Location

The first bug is at the base of the green desk lamp . Hold down the AR scanner button and fixate the bug until the scan is complete. After the scan you have to interact with the bug again to destroy it.

Bug #2 – Location

The second bug can be found directly behind the sitting penguin. Below the painting are a silver vase, a plant and a gold laptop. The bug you are looking for is stuck to the pot of the plant .

Bug #3 – Location

The third and final bug can be found on the opposite side of the room. Here is a large bust of the penguin . The bug was hidden at the foot of the bust.

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