April 16, 2024


Alocer is, a priori, the last optional boss of Cult of the Lamb ; You already know that in each zone there is always an optional boss that appears after defeating the final boss of it.

These always stand out above all else for the fact that they summon several batches of enemies from the area they inhabit, only more powerful than usual since when defeating the final boss of an area all the creatures in it become more powerful. powerful.

The truth is that the boss seemed like a walk, not because I think it’s easy as such… but it’s what I already commented on in the post about Shamura, the fact that it shows that at this point our character is already enough checked and of course it also shows that we have already mastered the game and its mechanics better than when we started this wonderful adventure.


That said, it is the optional boss of Cuna de Seda and therefore to unlock it we will have to defeat the Minibosses of Cuna de Seda in the first place, immediately followed by the final boss ( Shamura ) and after that do another run; when you reach the end you will find Alocer ready to do battle with you.


Let’s see his attacks as always and below the tips, but you’ll see how you do it almost unintentionally at this point.


These are Alocer’s attacks:

  • SpinBalls : Alocer will launch balls while changing direction, thus creating a curved line pattern with them; he spends a while doing it, you swim, you move away to dodge more comfortably and dash ; you will probably need a couple of dashes because as I said it takes a while to do it.
  • ArrowBalls : A bit of a troll attack because we are used to the fact that if a boss shows a red arrow under him it means that he will make an attack in that direction. Well, you see, in this case it is a lie (like the cake), instead he will launch a bunch of balls simultaneously in all directions and very close to each other. Come on, yes or yes you will have to dash to dodge it.
  • Summon Compis : I said, like all optional bosses, we will have a total of 3 phases to defeat enemies in the area in battle interspersed with phases of the boss himself. We will review some of these enemies:
    • Fat Blue Spiders : Very simple spiders, they will simply charge towards us (low range charge) if we get close; leave them for last.
    • Scorpions : These are very annoying because they will be throwing balls from a distance. Priority defeat them.
    • Flying Spiders : I call them flying because they are the ones that leave the battlefield and at the same time fall to hit us. They are higher priority than the blue ones, but less than the scorpions.
    • Poisonous Spiders : They leave small pools of poison around. You are prioritizing them over fat blue spiders and flying spiders, but scorpions remain a priority.
    • Centipede : It is more annoying for size than anything else, you can spend a little of it and save it for last. His would be to throw quite a few curses when he appears, he is so big that he almost certainly eats them.

By the way, if in this boss you see that when you defeat a streak of enemies the boss does not appear , don’t worry. It happened to me and it ends up appearing, but the wait is quite long; I understand that it is a bug that it currently has, I suppose they will correct it.


As you can see, the boss itself is the least important thing, the important thing is to know how to defeat the enemies in the area following the order of priorities; eliminated the scorpions as fast as you can and you’ll be doing things right.

For the rest, I highly recommend that if this boss gives you problems, you take advantage of the mechanic of buying cards for money from the “tarotist” (I don’t remember his name now, but the name of the cards we go). If the first time you meet him you buy a card, it gives you time to buy another one at the end (this has a cd time) and the truth is that having 2 additional cards is very noticeable.

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