April 14, 2024


Well, in the end I got Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope despite the fact that the issue of having the Rabbids out there bothered me a bit (I haven’t played the first one at the moment) and the truth is that I was very pleasantly surprised; which is why I have decided to bring you game guides (I am very addicted).

We will start with the guide of the first boss, which is really very simple, but I suppose it can get complicated for people who are not assiduous to video games or to the genre of strategy combat of this type and it will also serve to establish certain bases of the game since it is the first great battle so to speak. The boss itself is called Giant Wildclaw .


It has no mystery since it is the first boss of the game and we will find it in the first area: Fondo Faro. To get to it we will simply have to follow the main mission line until we reach the Temple of Dawn ; by advancing a little we will fight against him.


This is the equipment and the Sparks that I recommend for this battle (we can go with 3):

  • Edge : We have to use it yes or yes in this battle, it has a very interesting ranged attack since it hits all the enemies it comes across when going and coming back like a boomerang.
    • Exoshield : His passive increases the damage of movement abilities. The active one reduces the damage received by nearby teammates, this will come in handy.
  • Rabbid Peach : Mainly to heal us with his technique and because… he is Rabbid Peach.
    • Astrompazo : His active ability will increase the damage of his nearby teammates, it will be great to annihilate Giant Wildclaw.
  • Luigi : He is a god in this game for his high damage, for having a heart attack range and for his technique (which I call Mamadísimo Luigi).
    • Denterio : Increases the critical chance with the passive and with the active one we will push away nearby enemies, something that will also be very useful in this battle.

You could really replace Rabbid Peach with Mario since if you play it right as I’ll tell you below you won’t need heals; In any case, since he is the first boss and you probably still do not have him under control, I recommend that you take him just in case.


Just start with Edge’s normal attack as we will hit the 2 archers in front of him and the boss on the way; The boss will hardly even flinch from the blow, but at least you will have left the 2 archers in front seminoqued; After this, take care of eliminating them with Luigi and Rabbid Peach. From here you will have to ignore the other archers as far as possible because you will have to quickly go down to the boss (otherwise portals will appear from which more archers will come out, it is made for you to focus on the boss).

The trick of the boss is that when one of our characters hits him, it moves in his direction, so the idea is to hit him from different angles (separate your characters and always keep them away from him and covered from the archers) so that go dizzy and never come near us.

Always activate Luigi’s and Edge’s techniques when you have them as they will hit enemies that come into their field of vision (hitting Giant Wildclaw while he is moving will not make him move more, he will move the same distance because we hit him between moves, not when it ends).

If you see that you will inevitably come into contact with him (if you set it up right it’s not necessary) at least roll Exo Shield to reduce the damage and heal with Rabbid Peach. Denterio will come in handy to ward him off if he gets too close to Luigi, and remember to go using Astrompazo to increase your damage. Be careful because if the boss catches you, he hits you with a very strong blow that is also in the area, that is, as you have several characters together, he will destroy you; something that should not happen if you follow the advice to separate your characters (beware of separating Rabbid Peach too much, she has to be able to heal in the event of an emergency).

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