April 16, 2024


Silk Cradle is the fourth area of ​​Cult of the Lamb and is full of enemies like spiders and others; That, after all, is the theme of the area. If we follow a normal order, his would be to access it after defeating Kallamar and Astaroth .

The area the truth is that to be the last I expected worse; I’m not saying it’s easy, there are pretty damn spiders as well as that kind of huge knights who attack with magic and weapons… but I think it’s already becoming apparent that at this point in the game our sectarian goat is already quite powerful; something that of course will also depend on how lucky you are.

Be that as it may, the only mini-boss in this area that I found really annoying is the third one; anyway I bring you guide of all as always, so let’s go there.


Focus on Cult of the Lamb

Let’s start with Focusor Attacks:

  • Charge : A charge-style hit like so many we’ve seen before in Cult of the Lamb. It will launch forward, little more to add; If at this point in the game you still don’t know how to dodge a bad charge, then let’s go.
  • Balls : It will throw several balls in a fan forward, easy to dodge by dash unless you are caught off guard.
  • Sayonara + Compis : It will leave the screen through a spider web and in the process it will summon some spiders that we will have to try to lower as much as we can since Focalor will return to battle shortly. Be careful because when he returns he can cause you damage with the impact and he will also launch some fireballs to the sides just when he reaches the ground. A peephole will appear on the ground where it will fall so you have plenty of time to anticipate.

As usual. We give him one or two hits every time we dodge one of his attacks. When it leaves the screen, we defeat all the mini-spiders that it summons as quickly as we can (being careful not to take damage, of course) and as soon as it returns to the ground, we make curses to hit it and, incidentally, the mini-spiders that remain. The idea is to hit both the boss and his invocations so that they don’t accumulate or annoy more than necessary.


Vepar in Cult of the Lamb

His attacks:

  • Spikes : From time to time it will surround its body with spikes and therefore you should not be in contact with this boss to avoid that damage. If you go with a close-range weapon hit him a little and quickly move away.
  • Summon Compis : To vary a bit, it will summon spiders to annoy us. As we discussed in the previous boss, his thing is to lower them while also lowering the boss, something easy given its tremendous size. Remember that Curses are usually handy for multi-target damage.
  • Poisonous Puddle : The most annoying attack of the boss, it will fill the screen with poisonous puddles.

The real difficulty is to watch out for the poisonous puddles , remember that you can walk on them for a while without any problem; yes, not much because then it is when we will receive damage (a kind of round will appear to indicate how close we are to receiving poison damage).


Hauras in Cult of the Lamb

The attacks:

  • Charge : A charge attack but be careful with this one because despite not moving too much it does it quite fast and it is very easy to eat it.
  • MultiBalls : Will launch a bunch of balls in all directions. It is easily dodged with the dash but again hard to predict and therefore easy to eat.
  • Poison Paths : It will shoot forward 3 poison jets that will create “3 paths” on the field joined in a point of poison puddles. You know how to deal with poison, just don’t spend too much time on it and that’s it.

Simple mini-boss as such but damn for having very unpredictable attacks; In addition, little time passes between launching an attack and another. The typical “wait for him to do something, hit him a little and walk away” strategy works fine, but you’ll have to go very fast and hit him very very lightly if you don’t want to take damage. In the end , the key is to arrive with a good amount of health and damage so that it does not last too long.

  • Next Boss: Shamura .

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