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Money is undoubtedly one of the most valuable resources in Cult of the Lamb since we can acquire lots of things with it and it will also allow us to get Gold Ingots , which is a resource that is requested in many of the advanced buildings in the game. in addition to being used as currency in some stores.

Obtaining abundant quantities is not complicated as such, but it is important to know all the available methods that we have and what are the best ways to obtain it in the enormous quantities that this game requires of us. Because yes, you are going to need a lot of Gold and Coins if you want to get everything in this game.

The case, we go with the guide in detail so that your satanic goat does not have economic problems.


Enrichment Ritual in Cult of the Lamb

Something important that you must understand is that through the Refinery you can convert 7 Gold Nuggets into 5 Coins and 10 Coins into 1 Gold Ingot.


You can get them by:

  • The Crusades : The crusades are the areas where we fight and there are different ways to get them there, it is usually for example one of the loot that we can choose when defeating a boss such as Kallamar for example.
    • Stone Icon : One piece of advice I can give you is that if you go to the Stone icon area in the Crusades, you will not only get Stone, you also usually get Gold Nuggets.


The easiest to get and the most used at the end:

  • The Crusades : We will get Coins in most of the chests that we open. I also recommend you to destroy all the belongings of the merchant NPC rooms and others since they tend to jump Coins.
  • Refinery : We can convert 7 Gold Nuggets into 5 Coins.
  • Doctrines : There are several Doctrines aimed at getting more money and I highly recommend them:
    • Ask for Tithe : You will be able to ask each of your Followers for Coins once a day. It’s a good way to compile, but it’s a pain having to go one by one asking them, you waste a lot of time… I don’t do it, but it’s a good way if you’re serious about it.
    • Tax Collector : Ritual in which you assign someone the role of tax collector, he will ask your followers for money and by interacting with him he will give us the collected money. He collects very little truthfully, but is still a passive source for more Coins.
    • Enrichment Ritual : This is for me the best method to get coins . It is a ritual in which the followers will give us money, the thing is that they will give us a lot of coins, especially if we have enough followers. It’s so worth it.
  • The Sermon : By performing a Sermon your followers will leave money on the altar brush, not much, but it all adds up.
  • Sell ​​Stuff : You will unlock this option by progressing a bit in Cult of the Lamb, I don’t do it because I have a bit of diogenes syndrome in games and I prefer to have a lot of materials even if I don’t use half of them later. But it is a fact that you can make a few Coins by selling things you don’t use. Of course, do not sell things that you do not know well their use that you may need them later. Camellias, for example, are very important to treat diseases and everything edible is essential to feed your Adepts .
  • Midas Cave : It’s risky, but it’s a way to get Coins. You will unlock this area of ​​the outer map in Cuna de Seda and there if you go to the well in the center you can unlock a function (ask for 5 Gold Ingots) in which you contribute many coins to the well and the gods after 3 days can compensate you with more money or with less. They usually give you more, but you play it a little. Below we will talk in more detail about this area because it is important.


The hardest resource to get:

  • Refinery : As I have already mentioned, 10 Coins can be converted into a Gold Bar. This is the only non-random way to get a lot of Gold Bars.

For the rest, there are random ways to get any of all the things related to Gold, either when we give him good food (which in the recipe says that there is a certain % that the Adept drops resources) or through the building of « Statue of the Offerings » in which from time to time the Adepts will give you things.


They are used for many things, which is why you will need them in industrial quantities:

  • Many buildings require Coins or Gold to make, such as the best Adept Houses in the game. Others ask for it for their upkeep, such as those loudspeakers that increase the Divine Inspiration generated by the Adepts.
  • To buy from NPC merchants : As you know there are lots of NPC merchants and most of them will ask us for coins in exchange for all kinds of things like Tarot Cards, Adept Forms, various materials, Adepts… etc.
  • To acquire an extra roll of Tarot Card in the type of Cards, very useful to get high.
  • You will need huge amounts in the Cave of Midas as its merchants ask for Gold Bars.


It seemed interesting to me to make a special section on the Cueva de Midas since everything in that area revolves around Gold and Coins. Midas is an NPC obsessed with gold (hence the name, of course), in fact he is the one that appears in the main photo of this post. This map is unlocked in a random room during the Silken Cradle Crusades.

These are all the functions that we will find there:

  • The Well : Unlockable for 5 Gold Ingots, there we can donate money to the gods so that after 3 days when we return they usually give us more money (but sometimes they will give you less, so be careful).
  • Altar of Midas : To the north of the area, we can sacrifice our Adepts there (recommended to do it with the elderly, poor things but good) so that they are part of the collection of gold statues of Midas. For each one they will give us a Sacred Talisman Piece (which is what allows us to unlock the Fleeces) up to a maximum of 4 as usual.
  • Right Shop : We can buy exclusive Tarot Cards from here through Gold Ingots.
  • Left Shop : Exclusive decorations in exchange for Ingots.
  • The Donation Zone : A place where you can pay Coins to get Divine Inspiration, it will ask us for more and more money.

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