April 16, 2024


This time we’re going to take a look at the Thousand Night Dreams , a tremendous five-star catalyst in Genshin Impact  with a very similar design to the Chalice from the Memories of the Forest set .

This catalyst stands out for providing an impressive amount of Elemental Mastery, which surpasses even the Oath of Freedom . In addition, his Passive Ability will give us some very interesting bonuses to Elemental Mastery and Elemental Bonuses (and even a small bonus to the Elemental Mastery of the group).

One of the best things about this catalyst is that it can work quite well on multiple characters, since for a long time the vast majority of five-star weapons were very pigeonholed in certain characters or had specific requirements (such as the Axiom of the Kagura ) that make almost no character can get all the profitability.


Let’s start by looking at its attributes:

  • Base Attack Level 1: 44.
  • Base Attack Level 90: 541.

The Base Attack of this weapon is lousy, since there are four-star catalysts that even exceed it, as is the case with the Nautical Chart ; but this is not new since almost all of Sumeru’s five-star weapons follow this trend (since in this case other statistics such as Elemental Mastery or Life are prioritized over Attack).

  • Elemental Mastery Level 1: 57 points.
  • Elemental Mastery Level 90: 264 points.

Raising it to level 90 will give you a total of 264 Elemental Mastery points , making it the weapon with the most Elemental Mastery in the entire game. This will be very useful for characters that grant bonuses based on this and to greatly increase the damage of the Elemental Reactions they cause.

The Thousand Nights Dreams Passive Skill can give us the following bonuses:

  • The bearer of this catalyst will receive 32 points of Elemental Mastery (64 points in R5) for each character on the team that has the same element.
  • In the same way, he will also gain a 10% Elemental Damage Bonus (26% at R5) for each character that belongs to a different element than the user.
  • Additionally, all party members (except the wielder of this weapon) will receive 40 points of Elemental Mastery (48 points in R5).

Let’s imagine that we have a team made up of two Dendro characters, one from Hydro and the other from Electro; if in this case one of the Dendro characters is carrying the catalyst, they will receive a 20% Dendro Damage Bonus and 32 Elemental Mastery points (and if we had the weapon at R5, it would be a 52% Dendro Damage Bonus and 64 Elemental Mastery points). Elementary Mastery).

Another detail of this catalyst is that even if we had two team characters with this weapon equipped, the Passive Skill that bonuses the Elemental Mastery of the team could be accumulated without problem (that is, whoever carries the catalyst will receive the 40 Elemental Mastery points thanks to the other character also wearing it and any other party member would gain 80 Elemental Mastery points).


This Catalyst will go well with any character that runs on very damaging Elemental Reaction teams (such as Haste, Vaporize, or Melt) or with characters that give bonuses to the party based on their Elemental Mastery or bonuses to themselves.

Nahida (Kusanali) in Genshin Impact

Nahida scales the damage and Critical Chance of her Elemental Ability based on her Elemental Mastery and also, when casting her Ultimate Ability, she shares 25% of the Elemental Mastery of the character with the highest this stat on the team (normally it will be her), these reasons make the enormous amount of Elemental Mastery that this catalyst gives us essential for her.

Reaching Nahida’s Elemental Mastery cap (1000 points) will be very easy with this weapon, in addition to contributing 25% of her Elemental Mastery to the team with her passive talent (which would be 250 points in this case) she will reinforce this with the 40 points extra that the weapon’s passive brings to the team; in this way we can contribute to the team a total of 290 Elemental Mastery points to reinforce the damage of characters like Tignari or Cyno .

We will also be very interested in the Elemental Damage Bonus that the passive of this catalyst gives us, since Nahida will hit many times with her Elemental Ability passively and this bonus will help us increase the damage of this attack a little.

Yae Miko in Genshin Impact

Yae Miko is one of Electro’s characters that has gained the most in Elemental Reaction damage since the addition of Haste Elemental Reaction to the game, which has made Golden Dreams one of its best sets and makes the most of Mastery. Elementary.

In addition, thanks to one of her passive talents, Yae improves the damage of her Kitsune Cherry Trees by the amount of Elemental Mastery she has. Therefore, the Elemental Mastery that this weapon gives him is very juicy to increase his damage in every way.

Normally on Haste teams Yae Miko is usually the only Electro character, so she will get a 30% Electro Damage Bonus which will greatly increase her damage thanks to the Passive Ability of this wonderful catalyst.

Klee in Genshin Impact

Although this catalyst has a slightly low Base Attack for a Main DPS, it can be a good catalyst for Klee on Vaporized or Melted teams, since even if we lose a little personal damage from Klee we will compensate it in a higher damage in the constant Elemental Reactions that you will do together with your team.

In the event that he is the only Pyro Element character on the team, we will be able to gain a 30% Pyro Damage Elemental Bonus (which is basically double the effect of Crimson Witch on Fire with two pieces).

Other characters but less recommended for the weapon:

  • Sucrose : With this Sucrose weapon you will be able to obtain an inordinate amount of Elemental Mastery, which will allow us to share a large part of it with our teammates to increase the damage of the Elemental Reactions massively. The problem is that Sucrose is a character that does not have an easy time recharging her Ultimate Ability and it is better to put Sacrifice Memories on her .
  • Yanfei : As you know, Yanfei’s role and team formation is very similar to Klee’s, so it suits him for exactly the same reasons as her.
  • Shikanoin Heizou : Normally in the event that he goes as DPS Enabler he will be the only Anemo character in the team, so the catalyst passive will give us a 30% Bonus Anemo Damage input and we can also increase the damage of our Whirlwinds thanks to the large amount of Elemental Mastery that this catalyst gives us.
  • Bárbara / Kokomi : This catalyst can be rented in the event that we have a team based on the Elemental Reaction of Flowering and one of these characters is the one that triggers said reaction, since to increase the damage of the seeds we will need a quantity of inordinate Elemental Mastery.

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