April 14, 2024
Location of the 12 Vasmrti nurseries

Location of the 12 Vasmrti nurseries in Genshin Impact

The aranaras (still) need you! This time, you must go in search of the various nurseries scattered in the Sumerian jungle to collect the mysterious fruits answering to the (unpronounceable) name of Vasmrti .

To gain access to the nursery where you will have to replant all the Vasmrti that you have harvested, you must complete the very short quest “Growing young shoots” which is obtained automatically by completing the quest “Varuna Gatha”.

Operation of nurseries

To get a Vasmrti from a nursery, you need to solve its riddle. To do this, simply step on the shiny clump of grass to start the puzzle, then step on each patch of grass that appears without leaving the clumps of grass, or stepping on the same clump of grass twice. ‘grass. The glowing ones cause more tufts to appear when walked on. Once the puzzle is completed, a chest containing the precious fruit appears.

Location of nurseries

Travel to each of the locations listed below to find all 12 nurseries scattered throughout the Sumerian jungle.

Obtaining rewards

Once you have the 12 Vasmrti in your pocket, teleport to the Statue of the Seven of Vanarana and return to the village nursery. Plant all the Vasmrti there .

Once done, wait until the next day (in real life) and talk to Aranaluka to get the “When Dreams Bloom” achievement as well as a very nice bouquet of Viparyas .

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