April 16, 2024
“The Call of the Nameless City”

“The Call of the Nameless City” in Genshin Impact

During your exploration of Sumeru, you find strange scrolls… Solve their mystery with this guide to obtain the achievement “The Nameless City Calls”.

To obtain this achievement, you must first complete the quest “Aranyaka: Vimana Agama” . During this quest, you get the fourth and last vellum necessary to obtain the success.

This success consists of the recovery of 3 vellums allowing to open a luxurious chest which only appears when all the conditions are met.

First vellum

The first vellum can be found by fishing in the location shown below. It may take a while to get it, so be patient.

Second vellum

To get the second vellum, head to the location below. You have to complete a time trial to get the famous scroll.

Third vellum

To get the third vellum, head to the location shown below. There, you must complete a small challenge that requires you to defeat 3 Ruins Scout within the time limit.

Achievement of success

Once the 4 vellums are in your pocket (which by the way merge together to form one, don’t panic, it’s normal), teleport to the place indicated below and head towards the small camp of adventurers below.

“The Call of the Nameless City”

There, you must light the torches in the order shown below to make the chest appear and thus obtain the achievement “The Nameless Town Calls”.

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