April 16, 2024


The Wooden Sword is one of the weapons from Genshin Impact ‘s Sumeru Forge , specifically the Light Sword. I must say that I find it to be an interesting weapon due to its passive ability, but the truth is that I am not completely convinced.

And it is that this weapon will allow us to buff the Elemental Mastery of the character that you choose from the team, something that of course is very good. The bad thing is that I don’t like the way to do it too much. Also comment that it is traced in effects to the Royal Sword of the Forest (it would be the same but in a Claymore version).

Be that as it may, let’s analyze it in detail and you will see it better.


Let’s start by looking at its attributes:

  • Base Attack Level 1: 44.
  • Base Attack Level 90: 565.

As for Base Attack , we are facing one of the 4-Star Swords with a higher value in this stat . It would be at the level of the Grudge Prototype and the Dark Crag Longsword. Of course, the queen in this aspect is undoubtedly the Flash in the Dark with those 620 Base Attack points at level 90 (a real barbarity in a 4-star weapon).

  • Energy Recharge % Level 1: 6.7%.
  • Energy Recharge % Level 90: 30.6%.

His secondary stat is Energy Recharge, something that all characters generally need, but not all of them need enough to look for a weapon that gives us this stat (and that will ultimately depend a lot on your team composition). In addition, it does not give us a very large amount either.

Passive Skill:

  • When the character equipping the weapon causes a Dendro Elemental Reaction, a kind of leaf will appear on the field that, when picked up by a character, will increase their Elemental Mastery by 60 (120 at R5) for 12 seconds. Only one leaf can appear every 20 seconds.

Being able to increase the Elemental Mastery of a character of your choice is very good since in the end many characters benefit from it, but of course… the fact that to increase it you have to pick up the sheet is quite annoying because you could make a mistake or simply forget to do it (unless you who has not happened to him with Xiangling chilies ). That’s what I don’t like so much about this Sword and it certainly isn’t very good in other aspects either (except for the Base Attack issue, which is very good there).


Certainly practically no character takes advantage of it 100%  since it is not a very damage-oriented weapon and for those characters that benefit a lot from Elemental Mastery, the issue of having to be aware of picking up the flower and others is quite uncomfortable.

The fact that it also gives us Energy Recharge as a secondary stat makes it a bit of a waste for many characters who could take advantage of it with another more offensive secondary stat (such as Keching , who doesn’t need any Energy Recharge)

For Supports DPS, it’s fine to provide a little more support with that increase in Elemental Mastery… but the fact that you have to react with Dendro is quite annoying except for Dendro characters, obviously.

The best character for this weapon today is the Dendro Traveler as he is the only one that takes advantage of it in all its aspects. The high Base Attack is good for him, the Energy Recharge also since his Ulti has a high cost and the issue of Dendro Reactions is perfect because it is from this element and even he himself gets a lot out of that Elemental Mastery (but already you know, another character can take advantage of it if you want).

Kuki Shinobu in Genshin Impact

Kuki Shinobu is without a doubt one of the characters that takes advantage of it the best. The Energy Recharge will help her to have the Ulti always ready and if we take her in teams with Dendro, then she will passively make Reactions to create these leaves that anyone you want can take advantage of (she herself also takes advantage of them). The problem is that high Base Attack wastes it since she is more geared towards Life and Elemental Mastery.

Bennett in Genshin Impact

Since Base Attack is Bennett ‘s top priority , this is a good option for him (but if you have Flash in the Dark, Aquila Favonia , or Celestial Razor Blade …those are better options). Plus, he makes good use of Energy Recharge (it’s vital that Bennett always have Ulti ready in the rotation). The theme of giving Elemental Mastery to a teammate is also very good, what is not so cool in his case is that we depend on doing a Dendro Elemental Reaction (in this case it would be Burn) to activate the effect since many of the teams of Bennett have no room for Dendro because it would be counterproductive.

Other characters that also take advantage of this sword:

  • Electro Traveler : If we take him in teams with Dendro it can come in handy, in addition he will also get a lot of use out of the Energy Recharge since the Electro Traveler is famously known for being a drummer who ironically has a hard time recharging his elemental energy ( go fabric).

And that’s it! What do you think of the Wooden Sword in Genshin Impact ? Which character would you put it on? Isn’t it true that having to pick up the leaf is a bit of a pain? Leave your comment!

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