April 15, 2024
Fatui machines

Genshin Impact: Fatui machines

When the Eremites serving the Scarlet King and the Fatui work together, it doesn’t bode well. Discover in this guide how to stop their dark machinations and obtain the “Open Sesame” achievement.

Unlock the quest

To unlock the quest, you must first deactivate the 8 energy extractors of the Eremites. Their locations are indicated by Brutocollinus masks on the maps below.

To do this, approach the energy extractor for a challenge. It consists of the recovery of 2 or 3 keys (depending on the camp in which you are). The keys are distributed in different places in the fortress and sometimes you will have to go around locked doors to reach them.

Once the keys have been collected, return to the mechanism to deactivate it.

However, the Eremites won’t let you!

To disable the Extractor for good, you must defeat 3 waves of increasingly powerful Eremite warriors. Once defeated, they will flee. Take the opportunity to disable the mechanism for good.

Repeat for each of the remaining 7 fortresses to unlock the quest.

Progress of the quest

Once the 8 extractors are off, return to the fortress closest to the Yasna monument.

Once there, you overhear a conversation between a Fatui named Oleg and an Eremite named Kasim. They seem to be up to something.

However, stealth is not Paimon’s forte, so you are quickly spotted. Kasim takes to his heels while Oleg duels you, thinking you’ll be easily defeated.

Once defeated, Oleg flees as well, dropping an  Emergency Adjustment Plan .

You decide, with Paimon, to follow Oleg to prevent him from reactivating the extractors that you have just turned off.

Teleport to the top of Devantaka Mountain and head northeast to reach the fortress marked on the map. There, you meet Oleg, determined to take revenge! Teach him respect; he will then try to bribe you into leaving him alone.

You refuse his proposal and let him run away. Teleport to Gandha Hill and head to the next camp. Again, you will come across Oleg, and all his skirmishes that are starting to tire you. Once defeated, he once again takes advantage of a moment of inattention on your part to flee.

Head this time towards the last camp to come across not Oleg, but Kasim, whom you must also defeat.

Once defeated, the bandit seems, strangely, much more open to discussion. Negotiate information with him by reducing his will!

The correct answers are:

  • We have to go see the Thirty Legion.
  • Calm down ! Tell us the truth!
  • Liar ! Are you looking for the shots, or are you?

You learn that Kasim has fooled the Fatui into a beauty and that, since they are beginning to suspect something, he is ready to betray them to ensure his own safety.

Go to the indicated place and wait for the night (between 8 p.m. and 6 a.m.) to light the 4 torches serving as a signal.

Then head to the place indicated to find this dear Oleg, who is obviously not very happy to see you again.

Since, thanks to Kasim, you know the password, Oleg is forced to let you into the base and even guides you inside.

However the Fatui is far from stupid and blew your cover the instant he saw you (seriously, I don’t know who would have fallen for this). You are then attacked by a group of Fatui who had hidden when they saw you arrive.

Once the Fatui are defeated, you explain to Oleg that Kasim cheated him all along. Annoyed, Snezhnaya’s agent decides to surrender.

Talk to Rukh Shah who came as reinforcements to complete the quest and get the achievement.

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