April 21, 2024
Ferocious creatures and where to find them

Genshin Impact: Ferocious creatures and where to find them

Many ferocious beasts lurk within the confines of the Sumerian jungle. Go hunting for the most powerful of them with this guide!

Progress of the quest

To start the quest, go to the place indicated on the map below by the blue arrow.

You meet a Fontainois named Santon, who asks you to help him in his work as an animal regulator by slaying the 3 legendary beasts of Sumeru who allegedly attacked passers-by (against payment, OF COURSE).

Note that talking to Santon will not grant you a quest, at least not a quest visible in the quest log, which is completely normal!

The Crocodile Radhja

Your first prey is at the location indicated below by a mask of Brutocollinus. The Crocodile Radhja is only a larger than average Pinocroc , so you should be able to overcome it without too much difficulty.

The king of beasts of burden

Your second prey is located at the place indicated below by the mask of Brutocollinus. This time it’s a shaggy Workhorse that’s been a little too big, but still no match for you!

Radhja Rishboland

Your last prey is more cunning than the other 2. Head to the place indicated below (symbolized by a mask of Brutocollinus: yes, you followed what I was saying).

You find a small plate there, in which you must place a Poultry to attract the feline. Then wait until 9 p.m. for the beast to appear.

As expected, this is just a larger than average Rishboland Tiger that will be routed very quickly.

End of the quest

Return to Santon to complete the quest and obtain the “ Monstro-ecological investigation in Sumeru ” achievement.

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