April 15, 2024


The Royal Sword of the Forest is the Claymore from the Sumeru forge in Genshin Impact . Already in the previous post we analyzed the Wooden Sword , which would be the same but in Light Sword, so if you already saw the analysis of the latter you can jump directly to the recommended characters section because they really contribute exactly the same.

Of course, the other weapons of the Sumeru forge do contribute slightly different things, we will soon see them (here you already have the Spear ); although they all have a similar operation. These two are traced.

Overall, I’ll leave you the analysis here, which is going to be quite similar to that of the Wooden Sword for the reasons already explained and then we’ll get more into the matter with the characters that could carry this weapon.


Let’s start by looking at its attributes:

  • Base Attack Level 1: 44.
  • Base Attack Level 90: 565.

As for Base Attack, we have the same value as the Wooden Sword, which, as we already mentioned, is a high value. In this case, it would be part of the 4-star weapons with the highest Base Attack at the level of some examples, such as the Archaic Prototype or the Star Argento among other Claymore.

  • Energy Recharge % Level 1: 6.7%.
  • Energy Recharge % Level 90: 30.6%.

Its secondary stat is again Energy Recharge, which is usually not the most interesting attribute for a weapon despite obviously being an important aspect of the game; but of course, not all characters require a lot of Energy Recharge and in the end this also depends on the team composition. The fact is that there are characters that need it a lot, but having this secondary stat already rules out many others.

Passive Skill:

  • When the character equipping the weapon causes a Dendro Elemental Reaction, a kind of leaf will appear on the field that, when picked up by a character, will increase their Elemental Mastery by 60 (120 at R5) for 12 seconds. Only one leaf can appear every 20 seconds.

That said, the same passive too. It’s fine but the issue of having to be aware of picking up the leaf is a bit of a pain and the truth is that the amount of Elemental Mastery is not that much (yes it’s fine but given the turns you have to take it would be nice if it spread a little more ).


The same thing happens to the Royal Sword of the Forest as to the Wooden Sword, that really few are the characters that take advantage of it well because it has to be, yes or yes, a character who is interested in Energy Recharge, who is interested in Mastery Elemental (or at least his usual teammates) and that he will also do Elemental Reactions with Dendro (that already rules out some). It looks like the one who will make the most of it will be Dori , but that remains to be seen.

Beidou in Genshin Impact

Beidou takes advantage of it very well, takes advantage of everything in fact. The high Base Attack will benefit him for his damage, he needs Energy Recharge just as much as the act of breathing, and he also takes advantage of Elemental Mastery. In addition, in their teams in general (except teams with Eula ) their members benefit from Elemental Mastery.

Sayu in Genshin Impact

Sayu ? _ I put the smallest photo and I put it as a question mark because I’m really not sure about it for now, now you’ll understand the question. Both Base Attack (more damage and better heals), Energy Recharge (Sayu needs a lot to properly recharge her elemental energy from him), and Elemental Mastery (more damage with Whirlwinds and better heals) come in handy. What is the problem then? You’ll see…

Dendro can’t react with Anemo, meaning there are no Anemo Whirlwinds… so in that case he wouldn’t activate the passive. But… (there is the doubt), if she ended up triggering an Elemental Reaction with Dendro through whirlwinds, in that case I’m not sure if she would count or not. When you do Whirlwinds you expand elements and these many times make reactions of all kinds accordingly, so yes, you could indirectly create Dendro Reactions and that is the question (example: You do an Electro Whirlwind and that Whirlwind hits an enemy with Dendro applied, you would do a Dendro Reaction).

And that’s it! What do you think of the Royal Sword of the Forest in Genshin Impact ? Which character would you put it on? Do you think Dendro Reactions created from a Whirlwind will count? Leave your comment!

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