April 15, 2024


We continue with the weapons of the forge of Sumeru in Genshin Impact ! Today I bring you the Moonpiercer (it’s the spear) and I’ll tell you in advance that this weapon does change a bit compared to the previous two we talked about (the Wooden Sword and the Royal Sword of the Forest).

And to no one’s surprise, the Truth is that the Lanza is not bad at all. I don’t know what’s wrong with HoyoVerse with spears, but they tend to do pretty good. The problem with the spear is what we have already seen with the others, which is that few characters can take advantage of it, at least for the moment, that will surely improve when more characters come out.

The case, we go straight to the analysis and as always below you will have the recommendation of characters and others.


Let’s start by looking at its attributes:

  • Base Attack Level 1: 44.
  • Base Attack Level 90: 565.

It has, like the other weapons of the Sumeru forge analyzed so far, a high Base Attack, in fact at the moment they share the same value (and it is one of the highest in 4-star spears). In this aspect it would be at the level of weapons such as the Cross of Kitain, the Spear of Favonius or the Lytic Spear . But below the Wavecut Fin which is currently at the highest Base Attack value for 4-star spears.

  • Elemental Mastery Level 1: 24.
  • Level 90 Elemental Mastery: 110.

His secondary attribute is Elemental Mastery, not a huge amount, but not too bad either (higher Base Attack typically leads to lower Secondary Stat). Many are the characters that benefit from the Elemental Mastery , but obviously not all, we will see that below.

Passive Skill:

  • When the character that equips the weapon causes a Dendro Elemental Reaction, a kind of leaf will appear on the field that, when picked up by a character, will increase their Attack by 16% (32% on R5) for 12 seconds. Only one leaf can appear every 20 seconds.

It is what we already saw in the Wooden Sword and the Royal Sword of the Forest but instead of giving us Elemental Mastery, it gives us Attack % (the amount in R5 is not bad eh). In any case, I stick to my guns that this thing of having to keep an eye on picking up the leaf is a bit of a pain and I think we’ll get over it a lot… The only good thing is what we already mentioned, that implies that you can choose which character of your team is boosted by that Attack %.


We need characters that take advantage of Elemental Mastery, that benefit from Attack and that can also do Dendro’s Elemental Reactions since otherwise the passive will not activate. The problem is that at least right now there are not many characters that fit the profile.

Xiangling in Genshin Impact

Xiangling would be the character that would fit best since he really takes advantage of everything, the problem is that he is not usually teamed up with Dendro characters because it is much more profitable for him to vaporize his blows. Also, having options like Capture  or Dragon’s Bane (which frankly are even better for him) it’s a bit silly to put this spear on him (not to mention that we also have the Duel Spear, which is also very, very good).

Other characters that can take advantage of it (less):

  • Thoma : On teams where we’re looking for Burn Elemental Reaction, Thoma could handle this role well as long as someone plays Enabler Dendro and in that case this spear would come in quite handy.

And that’s it! How do you think the Moon Piercer in Genshin Impact ? Which character would you put it on? Do you think there are more characters that could wear it and I haven’t taken them into account? Leave your comment!

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