April 15, 2024
“The Golden Sleep: The Secret of Al-Ahmar” quest series, obtain two permits for exploration!

“The Golden Sleep: The Secret of Al-Ahmar” quest series, obtain two permits for exploration! in Genshin Impact

The “Golden Sleep” world quest series will take you through the desert and discover remnants of the past.

Once the “Lost in the Sands” and “Introduction to Indoor Archaeology” quests have been completed, this third quest and sequel will trigger immediately.

This quest will take you straight to the Mausoleum of King Deshret where you can unlock underground teleporters and above all obtain two authorizations!

Entrance to the mausoleum

After some discussion, enter the Mausoleum which will lead you straight to a magnificent treasure room.

In order to open the coffin in front of you, you will need to activate the four primal torches that surround it.

On each side of the large hall are side doors. Behind each you can get two embers.

Let’s start with the door on the right. Avoid the trap in the center of the room and open the door on the right using the book. This should give you access to a hallway.

Take a right when you have the opportunity to get to the clover badge at point 3 and get the ember at point 4.

After leading the ember to its torch, go back to the right and this time take the door circled in point 2.

Proceed to the end of the corridor without worrying about the replicating stones.

Turn left at the bottom and go through the door circled in point 3.

Look left and take the clover badge at point 4 to find the second ember.

This time, head left. Once through the door, head down the hallway to the far right.

Once in this corridor, take the first passage on the right to find a small room and a fan that will propel you upwards and towards the embers.

Take the left door again, and this time turn left to find a room where a locked chest should be.

Look to the left to find the Clover Badge which will allow you to collect the last ember.

Now that the coffin is open, you can go to the elevator in order to go up to the upper floor.

This will allow you to reach the mechanism that will give you a first authorization.

Internal conflicts

A sudden awakening beneath the Scarlet Desert will make you aware of the danger your friends are in. Be sure to be accompanied by a combat-capable team and face the Fatuis.

Winner, your mission will update and you will have to go through the galleries to find Benben. Follow the path indicated by the quest and open the door in the image below in order to continue in the right direction.

Continue your way and, after going up the steps, head high up towards the trefoil badges.

Go from badge to badge until you reach this remarkable place.

By jumping from your position to that of the Eremites, you will quickly have to use your weapons to overcome these new enemies. 

After which, head towards the door a little further to reach the two points indicated on the map.

Once inside, take the stairs on either side (here on the left). 

Once at the top, you will have to beat the primal structures and move forward to a larger room.

You will need to open the door on the right to access our first objective. To do this, use the beams and direct them to the mechanisms near the door. Those towards the center will only be used to unlock the chest.

Proceed as in the image below on the two mechanisms on each side of the door and access a first ember.

Drive the first ember to a door that it will allow you to open and take it back until you reach the location in the images below. 

You will now have to collect the second ember. 

Take the cone then go to the mechanism where the beam comes from in order to move it. You can then open the door at point 3.

Place the cone on the replicator stone then return to move the beam to point 4 in order to unlock the embers.

So you can now lead the two embers to the grand staircase and then to their respective torches.

This should allow you to earn a new authorization. This will be a special authorization that will allow you to access the puzzles of Khaj-Nisut and thus advance to the next quest.

End of part three!

This world quest series has 4 distinct parts guiding you through the ruins of the desert. Don’t miss our other related articles! And see you soon for the last quest of this series!

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