April 21, 2024
Golden Sleep – 3: The Secret of Al-Ahmar

Golden Sleep – 3: The Secret of Al-Ahmar in Genshin Impact

Deep in the temple of Kehmenu, you have discovered a strange fresco hiding a secret passage. It’s time to uncover the secrets she was hiding.

This quest is the 3rd quest in the Golden Sleep questline. Complete “The Golden Sleep – 1: Lost in the Sands” and “The Golden Sleep – 2: Introduction to Indoor Archeology” to gain access to it automatically.

Start from where you finished the previous quest, enter the hallway that opens to you and use the elevator.

After a long climb, you arrive just in front of the main entrance to the Mausoleum of Deshret, the Divine King of the Sands.

Take your courage with 2 hands and go towards the entrance so that Benben opens the door.

A Primal Structure: Prospector and a Primal Structure: Repulsor are guarding the entrance to the tomb: eliminate them, then go in pursuit of Benben.

Cross the Entrance Hall to arrive in a large room filled with gold and other precious materials.

After a group meeting, you decide to open the coffin in front of you.

Head to the left door, then turn left. Eliminate the Primal Structure: Prospector guarding the room, then use the grappling hook to activate the Primal Ember.

Follow the ember to its base, then return to the left door, this time turn right and reach a corridor. Take the first door on the right. You can see a fan sitting at ground level.

Use it to your advantage to access the upper floor and thus unlock the 2nd Primordial Ember. Guide it to its base.

Then head to the right door to reach a trapped room. Turn directly right and open the door.

Turn right again as soon as you can and use the grapple to reach the 3rd ember.

Guide the ember to its base, then go through the door on the right, this time to go left.

Follow the hallway, ignoring the first fork, cross the small room by taking the back exit and use the grapple again to reach the Ember.

Once the last Ember placed on its base, the coffin opens, revealing strange patterns.

Use the elevator behind the coffin to access the upper floor.

Then head right and climb the stairs to reach the top floor.

Thanks to the monument in the center of the room, your tablet now has a higher level of authority, which now gives you the ability to open doors that were previously locked.

Head to the door that just opened to continue your exploration.

However, it was a trap that separated you from the rest of the group! Go immediately to find them!

You find the group fighting Fatui: help them as soon as possible!

However, Benben cannot be found, so you decide to go looking for him. Head to the indicated location to find a tunnel you need to go through.

You arrive in a flooded room. Cross it and exit through the only open door with your current authority level.

Your research brings you to an infested cave in Fatui. Continue your search with caution.

Keep following the indicated path.

After a while, your small group ends up reaching what appears to be a buried temple.

You see a Fatui camp below and decide to pay them a friendly visit.

You meet a certain Samail there, who seems to know Jevrael. Confront him and his minions to free poor Benben. Then continue your exploration of the ruins by entering the temple in front of you.

Once inside, go up the stairs, which leads you  into a small room. Defeat the Primal Structure: Reshaper , then turn left and go up the stairs.

At the top, turn left and defeat the Primal Structure: Repulsor that stands in your way. Then head to the large archway on your left.

Defeat the Primal Structure: Prospector , then solve the puzzle (to do this you have to rotate the lasers so that they activate the crystals linked to the mechanism you want to activate, be it the door or the chest ). 

Open the right door first. Defeat the Primal Structure: Reshaper , then activate the slab in front of you to reveal a primordial ember that must be followed. During the journey, you cross a small room important for the sequel (remember it well) containing a  Primal Structure: Prospector .

The ember having reached its base, turn back to return to the room I just mentioned.

To solve the puzzle, nothing could be simpler: just rotate the only active laser so that it opens a door, revealing a slab that you can activate and thus unlock the last ember.

Once the 2 embers are on their base, the door to the Hall of Opet finally opens.

Enter inside to obtain your 2nd level of authority, as well as the achievement “The divine magic lamp”.

This is where the 3rd part of the “Golden Sleep” questline ends . There remains, however, one last quest to unlock the secrets of the ruins of the kingdom of the Scarlet King…

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