April 21, 2024
Golden Sleep – 2: Introduction to Indoor Archeology

Golden Sleep – 2: Introduction to Indoor Archeology in Genshin Impact

You have managed to leave the pit with the help of the archeology team: now it’s time to move on to your next objective!

This quest is the 2nd part of the Golden Sleep quest series . Complete “The Golden Sleep – 1: Lost in the Sands” beforehand to automatically access it.

To continue the quest, go to the place indicated below to find your group there.

Once the camp is set up and this lazy person who serves as your indoor archaeologist rested, follow Jebrael to the place indicated so that he asks you to keep the stele preciously which, according to him, would be of inestimable value.

This done, return to the camp to speak to Tirzad and the rest of the group.

The next day, you decide to go towards the temple of Khemenu, located northwest of your position.

Once there, you come face to face with a locked door, which Benben opens without the slightest problem.

Your mechanical companion invites you to follow him inside the ruins.

Cross the large hall to join your group (remember the presence of the doors for the moment impossible to open on the left and on the right).

At the back of the room, at Benben and Jeht, first turn right to open the door.

Cross the small hallway to find a small riddle that will be very easy for you to solve.

Once the “riddle” is completed, a primal ember will be released: you will have to follow it so that it is placed on the appropriate base in the main hall.

Then take the direction of the left door.

Cross the corridor to find a Primal Structure: Reshaper that you will have to defeat to release the primal ember. Follow it to its base in the main hall to open the large door.

Go through the door and sink into the depths of the temple.

After a discussion with the group, retrace your steps slightly and go through one of the doors opened by Benben. Let’s start with the one on your left.

Stop voluntarily on the trapped slab in the hallway and drop into the hole. From there, follow the path. Cross the small room in which you arrive (there is nothing you can do about it, anyway).

Continue on your way and open the door that is blocking you.

Once this shortcut is open, and back in the trapped corridor, turn right to arrive in a large room guarded by a Primal Structure: Prospector .

Defeat the machine straight from Yu-Gi-Oh! and climb on the sort of monument in front of you (don’t do like me and use the grappling hooks). At the top is an hourglass-shaped challenge mechanism. Complete said challenge to continue on your way.

Collect the chest that just appeared and activate the primal ember that you will have to follow (again). The ember will go to its base in the main room.

Return to the room where Jeht and Benben are, and this time take the door on your right.

Cross the corridor and say hello to Jabrael, who seems lost in thought. You arrive in a room containing a huge boat.

How beautiful is this Dendrogranum!

To make the primal ember appear, simply climb on the roof of the boat to retrieve the small prism and put it on its base located just below in the cabin of the boat.

You have to follow the embers again BUT watch out, this time there will be a big fan pushing the embers away!

Do not panic, it stops periodically, so just pass the embers when the fan stops to continue.

Once the 2 embers are placed on their base, the central door opens.

Use the elevator in front of you and turn around to enter a large room.

At the sight of the intact fresco, Tirzad exults with joy, but seems to misunderstand the nature of the fresco. When Jeht hypothesizes that he is wrong, he scolded her.

Nice left hook, Tirzad’s ego forfeits by KO

To express his anger, Tirzad punches the fresco and opens a secret door by pure chance… This allows you to obtain the achievement “Like a Vahumana researcher”!

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